Fadeout: Australia disbands youth orchestra

Fadeout: Australia disbands youth orchestra


norman lebrecht

November 20, 2013

Musicians aged 12 to 24 have received notice that one of the country’s premier youth orchestras is no more. SBS Youth Orchestra founder, Matthew Krel, died four years ago and no-one has been found big enough to fit the bill. Sad day. Opportunities for young Aussie musicians just got fewer.

matthew krel


  • David Hardie says:

    Firstly: this is sad. Don’t confuse what I am about to say with that fact.

    SBS Youth orchestra has no reach beyond Sydney. To suggest that this effects Australia is a misnomer.

    In Sydney there are still two very good youth orchestras: One is Sydney Youth Orchestra and the second is the ACO2 program run by Australian Chamber Orchestra. It’s not as if there are not good options for players with talent and drive.