The silence of Katherine Jenkins….

The silence of Katherine Jenkins….


norman lebrecht

November 19, 2013

She’s been on a secret mission to troops in Afghanistan. Back now. Sings Hallelujah.

katherin jenkins itv

Katherine Jenkins from ITV Wales on Vimeo.


  • richardcarlisle says:

    Very nice and A+ on pitch this time.

  • How are our brave boys going to protect us all now if they’ve all got tendonitis?

  • V.Lind says:

    Not much on breath control, though — and I have not seen that much by way of eyelash since I first encountered Brenda Starr in the North American comic strips.

    I have heard this song by everyone from its composer to K.D. Lang with a lot in between, and this is as nasty an attempt as I have ever heard. Full marks to this Barbie-looking creature to go out there and do her bit for the troops, but they would have been better served if she had helped dish up chow or led them in a singalong, a musical feat I should think was within her range.

  • paulkelly20 says:

    Not a patch on Leonard Cohen’s version. And he’s much more interesting as well.

  • richardcarlisle says:

    @ K. Lind

    For the troops I would guess breast control trumps breath control…and for me, nerves not grated by pitch flaws brings relief and gratitude.

  • timwalton3 says:

    Above video says I can’t watch it unless a download Vimeo – whatever that is!

    I suppose I should be thankful for small mercies as it would probably put me off my evening meal which is almost ready.

    • richardcarlisle says:

      @ timwalton3

      After your meal is safely over you only have to click Vimeo… it worked for me… she’s not at her worst thankfully.