Top UK music blogs for June 2011

Slipped Disc has slipped a few spots in the monthly UK rankings complied by Wikio, published next Monday.

That’s a slight surprise since user numbers have doubled in the past half-year. But it remains by some margin the highest ranked claisscal music blog, followed by Tom Service, intermezzo and Entartete Musik. Why not browse them all?

3 Alter The Press!
4 Lil Wayne HQ
5 St. Peter’s View
6 Dance Without Sleeping
7 Live4ever – The Brit Rock Daily
8 Matrixsynth
9 LondonJazz
10 Sweeping The Nation
11 Word Magazine blogs
12 Slipped disc
13 We Plug G.O.O.D Music
14 Song, by Toad
15 No Rock And Roll Fun
16 Tom Service on classical music
17 We Are Pop Slags
18 Intermezzo
19 We Plug G.O.O.D Music
20 Entartete Musik

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