Paris cellist recovers her stolen instrument

February 17, 2018 by norman lebrecht


On BBC Radio 4 this morning, Chi-chi Nwanoku thanked Slipped Disc for help towards the recovery of her double-bass bow, which she had left on the London Underground.

Tonight, we hear that Ophélie Gaillard, whose Gofriller cello was taken from her at knifepoint on Thursday, has been reunited with the instrument.

Apparently, it was left close to her house in a battered stolen car.

She received an anonymous call and was told to look outside.

Ophélie says: ‘Merci merci merci!!!!!! à chacun d’avoir partagé mon post, d’avoir contribué à diffuser l’information et donné vos conseils précieux.’

Happy to oblige.


Comments (2)

  1. Simon Scott says:

    Thank God for that.
    Let’s hope that the thief is brought to justice

  2. Alistair Hinton says:

    So relieved to hear this! Let us indeed hope that the thief – one clearly prone to violence – gets his come-uppance prontissimo…

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