Verdict: French conductor is convicted of ‘abusing weakness’ of an elderly singer

December 5, 2017 by norman lebrecht

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The conductor and musicologist Jean-Christophe Keck has been given a nine-month suspended sentence and a 10,000 Euros fine for ‘abusing the weakness’ of a Swiss opera singer who left him part of her Euro 5m estate.

The singer, Eva Rehfuss, died in December 2008, aged 85.

A lawyer who looked after the old lady’s affairs was also convicted. Keck has given notice of appeal.

Keck, a producer and presenter for France Musique, is director of the complete edition of the works of Jacques Offenbach.

Report here.

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  1. fred says:

    some people have no shame…..a disgrace and then he even has the guts to appeal…..
    Eva was the sister of the even more famous Heinz Rehfuss yet I’m somewhat surprised at the fortune she leaves behind. It couldn’t have been thanks to her career, perhaps she married rich. Anyway it all belongs to the son

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