French maestro is accused of exploiting aged singer

The Offenbach expert Jean-Christophe Keck and a lawyer, Michèle Gruffaz, are facing court in Lyon accused of exercising undue influence on Eva Rehfuss, a Swiss opera singer who died in December 2008, aged 85.

Ms Rehfuss made Keck her sole heir a year before she died, claiming he was her ‘last true love’.

The estate was worth around five million Euros.

Her son has challenged the will.

Report here.


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  • According to Swiss law, children are entitled to at least 75% of the estate of the parent if there is no surviving spouse (lovers don’t have a “Pflichtteil”, but she could have left him up to 25% maximum).

    Unless she was a citizen of some other country, in which case it is possible to specify an alternate jurisdiction for her will, that is. Perhaps she was actually a French citizen and not Swiss (or had both citizenships)?

    Note: I am not a lawyer, and this is not intended as legal advice.

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