Why Danielle De Niese pulled out of  Glyndebourne

Why Danielle De Niese pulled out of Glyndebourne


norman lebrecht

March 23, 2023

When the mistress of Glyndebourne cited ‘a conflicting engagement’ as her reason for ducking out of the coveted role of Blanche this summer in Poulenc’s Dialogue des Carmelites, eyebrows shot up all across Sussex and beyond. What could possibly have prevailed on the wife of Glyndebourne’s owner to let the festival down?

All can now be revealed.

Danni is to star in a West End revival of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Aspects of Love, opposite Michael Ball.

Poor old Poulenc never stood a chance against the bright lights of Piccadilly.


  • Andy says:

    Seems fine. She’s sung at Glyndebourne plenty of times. Not much wrong with someone else having a chance at the ‘coveted’ role.

  • Des says:

    ALW is pure kitsch.

    • Harry Collier says:

      But lucrative Kitsch. Kitsch pays big money! Poulenc doesn’t stand a chance. Give me musicians who sing or play because they love music, not because they want to be rich.

    • Gianni says:

      He is a taxpayer. And taxpayers‘ money funds a lot of what some people occasionally refer to as culture, opera, theatre, classical music and the arts in general. Btw, I haven’t heard about Mr Poulenc paying any taxes lately, what’s he doing?

  • justsaying says:

    She has sounded more like a pop singer than an opera singer for a good while. Seems logical.

    • Ellingtonia says:

      Yes, don’t you wish a few more opera / classical singers had voices like Ella Fitzgerald, KD Laing, Joan Baez, Aretha Franklin, Judy Collins, Dusty Springfield and Amy Winehouse………this lot could wipe the floor with any female opera singer.

  • Sue Sonata Form says:

    What a fine singer she is!! I’ve seen her at Theater an der Wien.