Six face off at the Arthur Rubinstein final

Six face off at the Arthur Rubinstein final


norman lebrecht

March 23, 2023

The finalists were named in the past hour. They are
Elio Cecino (Italy)
Kevin Chen (Canada)
Alberto Ferro (Italy)
Giorgi Gigashvili (Georgia)
Yukine Kuroki (Japan)
and Chaeyoung Park (South Korea)


  • I wonder says:

    If people are banning Russian competitions for the brutal invasion of Ukraine, then surely entering an Israeli competition is equally immoral, given their brutal war against the Palestinians.

    If Tchaikovsky competition gets boycotted, then this deserves a boycott too.

    • Inna Sobel says:

      If a cabal of morons decides to ban Russian competitions or competitors , than surely there will immediately be another cabal of morons with brazen Jew hatred who want to ban/cancel Israel. They usually lurk on social media! And they go by the name “I wonder”. They should wonder….especially about evidence, facts and documented history and, best of all, these morons should visit Israel one day to wake the hell up. Don’t wonder, wonderer….read, learn and shake off your antisemitic hate!

  • Sue Sonata Form says:

    South Korea is really punching about its weight. Great to see!!

  • Competition Insider says:

    Norman – perhaps you can write a separate post on the Rubinstein Competition’s public “jury feedback”, where Yoheved Kaplinsky lectures a candidate, who did not pass the first round, on a piece he did not play (at about 26:30) –

    • Beat the Hooven says:

      That was such a disaster and very unprofessional. the intention might be good but execution was terrible

    • Ludwig's Van says:

      It is outrageous that this competition puts a Juilliard piano faculty member (and particularly the department chair) on their jury. Furthermore, Kaplinsky was never a professional-calibre pianist, and when she herself entered this competition she failed to pass the first round. Full disclosure: she’s a pal of Mr. Vardi. This competition Mafia has to stop!!!

  • post-juilliard depression says:

    Yukine Kuroki played an encore after her second-round performance; has anyone ever seen this in a later round of a major competition?

    • RH says:

      Elio Cecino played one in the first round as well… they are allowed according to the rules, as long as they stay within the set time limit.

  • Freewheeler says:

    Imagine if Arthur Rubinstein turned up, he’d put them all to shame.

  • just saying says:

    This competition is so disorganized…the way they announced the six finalists was so embarrassing and random and frankly, amateurish. Can’t they find better hosts?