Netrebko is forced to accept a semi-Colon

Netrebko is forced to accept a semi-Colon


norman lebrecht

September 24, 2022

It is a mark of her post-Ukraine diary gaps that Anna Netrebko and her husband Yusif Eyvazov have agreed to sing a pair of cut-price Toscas and a solo recital in Buenos Aires in November.

The Teatro Colon presents: ‘the stellar Russian soprano Anna Netrebko and Azeri tenor Yusif Eyvazov are the current golden couple of opera. Few artists on the operatic stage achieve vocal charisma with such a powerful stage presence, which transcends the limits of the stage.

Nothing, however, is uncomplicated with this pair.

The Colon’s Tosca conductor is the Canadian-Ukrainian nationalist Keri-Lynn Wilson, whose husband Peter Gelb has banned Netrebko from the Metropolitan Opera in New York. Although Wilson is billed with the Netrekos in Tosca, we understand she will be recused from the two performances involving the Netrebkos. Should they bump into each other backstage in BA, the conversation could be interesting.





  • Ben says:

    I was forced to accept a semi-colon as well (had colon reduction surgery a few years ago).

  • Potpourri says:

    Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires announced Tosca with Anna Netrebko in December 2021. The operas and solo recital have been sold out for months. I know because I thought about taking my daughter as an early Christmas present. It is not a cut price performance. The confirmation was made to assure ticket holders that nothing had changed.

    • oscar rivero says:

      This is not true.the sold out performance is the recital.The Toscas will be three performances just been sold from last wednesday,first to subscription holders,then to the general public from october 3.I ve just bought my tickets via web for November 26.

      • Cristóbal says:

        Honest question: this is true? I just entered the Colón’s website and there are only two performances with Netrebko (november 26 & 29), none of which is available for purchase and both of them figure without conductor (Wilson is not going to conduct those performances).

      • Potpourri says:

        Oscar Rivera, thank you for the clarification. The website I used for non-subscribers listed other Tosca performances except the two with Netrebko, November 26 and 29. I thought they were sold-out.

      • Roberto says:

        may I ask, how did you buy tickets? I see no link on the Teatro’s website for the Nov. 26 and Nov 29 pwerformances

        • Potpourri says:

          I had the same problem. I think the Netrebko performances are available only to season subscribers. The general public will be offered tickets later. Many venues do this to encourage more subscribers.

  • Thoughtful says:

    I understand people expect unshakeable loyalty from those they’ve influenced in a positive manner, but I’m disappointed that aged people would not fully consider that Anna Netrebko has presumed family and loved ones in Russia and who knows what Putin would have done to them if she had said anything more. Sometimes silence is saying something too. Seems petty to me that the conductor stepped aside. They should grow up. No wonder the Met is a mess.

    • MuddyBoots says:

      Why do people, including not-“Thoughtful” keep trotting out this pathetic defense? Anna has NO relatives in Russia and the vast majority of her real estate, financial assets and income prospects are (were) secure in the West. Look I understand the silence of Russians who don’t have Anna’s money in Europe, European passport, and large income outside Russia. They are trapped and brainwashed by pro-Putin Russia media. But to use the same defense for Anna is just more pro-Putin misinformation. The Met is well-rid of this over-the-hill celebrity and her tagalong never-even-on-the-hill partner.

  • Stephen Torday says:

    It’s a shame that politics infect arts. Colon simply should hire another conductor. Shame on this Canadian/Ukrainian conductor . She should take her politics to where they belong.

    • Christoph says:

      Politics and the arts have always been intertwined. Read the histories of Beethoven and Napoleon, Shostakovich and Stalin, Bernstein and Nixon. Shame on the Teatro Colon for hiring a close supporter of Vladimir Putin while Russia invades a sovereign country.

      • IP says:

        But they want to hear the golden voice of . . . what was his name again?

      • Michele Guglielmo says:

        Is Netrebko a close supporter of Putin, by virtue simply of being a prominent Russian? Is she directing the war effort? Propagandizing on behalf of the invasion? Nonsense…

    • Guest Principal says:

      It’s not ‘politics’, it’s basic human morality. Keri-Lynn has some, Netrebko doesn’t.

  • KA says:

    It is also astonishing that nobody talks about Yusif Eyvazov’s open support and admiration of the Azerbaijani dictatorial president Aliev, who on top of tyrannizing his own citizens has also recently invaded Armenia. Art and politics are always intertwined, as the commentator above noted. I don’t care if they have amazing voices, if they support blood-thirsty dictators, I will not be supporting their art.

  • Michele Guglielmo says:

    I just arrived back in the US from Budapest, where Netrebko was giving a solo concert at the Hungarian state opera house Sunday night. It was sold out. By the way, I had seen Tosca there the night before. Does anyone know about that production? The ending was changed dreadfully, and I could find no explanation. In this version, Tosca lives! She kills Scarpia; Cavaradossi dies (though in a very bizarre fashion), then Tosca is prevented from doing herself in. Stupid…

  • Branimir says:

    And nobody complained about KLW being called a nationalist in this article? Or is it now suddenly a virtue to be a nationalist, as long as it comes with the UA prefix? Interesting.