Conductor gets engaged

Conductor gets engaged


norman lebrecht

September 18, 2022

In social and personal news, the Australian-British conductor Jessica Cottis has announced her engagement to the Swedish opera singer Elsa Ridderstedt.

We wish them every happiness.


  • Bixby says:

    The dog looks as if he’s seen something that he can’t unsee.

  • Eugene Tzigane says:

    Congratulazioni a due!

    That Chihuahua looks none the happier for it though!

  • Achim Mentzel says:

    Congratulations and everlasting happiness to this wonderful women power couple!

    • Greg Bottini says:

      I second that emotion, Achim!
      Love is a beautiful thing, and there’s not enough of it in this sad world.
      Best wishes to Elsa and Jessica!

  • I beg your pardon says:

    That chihuahua is thinking ‘help….please free me from all this’.

  • Peter Krems says:

    “power couple” certainly sounds accurate — Ms Cottis (sorry, Maestra Cottis), being light on talent, does always make sure to have the right alliances, professional and personal. At least she’s better than that dreary composer she used to be with.

    • Everett says:

      You speak the truth. Over the decades, it’s become quite obvious to me that classical music is about making sure to have the right alliances and not so much about ability.

      • M McGrath says:

        Classical music is no different than any other career. Alliances, friends in high places, being in the right place at the right time, luck, fate, back-stabbing – it applies to anything we do, any career. Why do we persist in thinking ‘classical music’ to be different? Are we confusing the opening of Strauss’ “Capriccio” with real life?

  • BigSir says:

    Just realized that my sexuality has never been revealed in a photograph. I’m a closeted heterosexual.

    • Daniella says:

      BigSir, have you never had a photo taken together with your significant other, or a close approximation?

      • Paul Brownsey says:

        Oh, but that’s not, you know, flaunting it to the world, if it’s just him and his wife or wife-approximation. It’s not making a show of anything. It’s just, like, nice.

        Typical conversation at the watercooler:

        Man A: The wife and I are holidaying in Greece this year.
        Man B: Mavis and I are going to California–our daughter has a job in Silicon Valley.
        Man C (the office gay): California? Whereabouts? My husband is from San Diego. I was there with him last summer, visiting his family. (Returns to desk.)
        Man A (revealed as BigSir): They never stop going on about it, do they?

      • BigSir says:

        Never kissing in a photo. Is that weird?

        Paul: I think you don’t understand my point: celebrating gay pride is BS because if it is natural then there is no need to celebrate it just as I don’t celebrate or flaunt my heteroness. No straw man fallacies, please.

        • Paul Brownsey says:

          “celebrating gay pride is BS because if it is natural then there is no need to celebrate it just as I don’t celebrate or flaunt my heteroness.”

          Ah, but your first memory of setting eyes on someone you knew to be hetero was not sitting in court and seeing said hetero in the dock being charged with indecency on account of being hetero. That was my first sight of anyone I knew to be gay and I was a trainee reporter on the local newspaper covering the case.

          It’s the legacy of things like that that makes gay pride marches not unreasonable.

          Oh, and your reference to what’s natural is muddled. Of course, had it been generally REGARDED AS as natural (and it IS natural), there would have been no need of such marches. But, of course, it wasn’t; by people like you. See? You muddle “is natural” and “is regarded by society as natural”.

          I have no idea what a straw man fallacy in the case would look like. Could you enlighten us?

    • Plush says:

      I’m openly straight.

  • Freewheeler says:

    Engaged??!!! Two women and a chihuahua cannot get engaged – it’s against the laws of nature.

  • St. Andrew says:

    Do we not get to know their shoe size and astrological signs? Is this really need-to-know cultural news?????

  • Sid says:

    Super duper congrats, Jessica and Elsa!! Here’s wishing you many years together!! ❤️

  • Kathy Griffiths says:

    This is wonderful news! What a beautiful couple! Congratulations Jess and Elsa!

  • PC58 says:

    I agree with other commenters that this is not news, nevertheless I wish them a happy future together and a peaceful private life! They look very happy.

  • poppy says:

    Who cares?

  • Scott says:

    Congratulations. Wishing you both all the best ♥️

  • Paul Smith says:

    So happy to see this! The irony of the bad comments not understanding why this is necessary while proving one reason why this news is necessary is not lost on me! More power to you both and those normalising lives beyond heteronormativity

  • Player says:

    Why would she only announce her engagement to the Swedish singer you mention? Seems a bit exclusive. Still, it is nice she got a kiss of congratulation from her!

    Who is the groom, do we know?

  • Ashley Frances says:

    Mazel tov on your engagement! May you have a lifetime of happiness.

  • M McGrath says:

    Who cares?

    And: Unfortunate picture. Without the dog you’d not have gotten half of the comments below 🙂