Grace Bumbry issues a warning

Grace Bumbry issues a warning


norman lebrecht

August 12, 2022

Message received:

Dear all,
I write this message with great concern!!! It has come to my ears that there are singers who are teaching a singing method called Bumbry Method. From what I’ve heard they are crazy and wrong ideas that are far from what I would teach.
I ask you to understand that I take my work as a teacher very seriously, contributing my knowledge after 50 years of career on the stage. I would never give a letter of recommendation if I really do not believe that person is capable of doing a good job as a teacher. I know that the future of young singers depends on good teaching and that it is a great responsibility. At the moment I have not given any letter for these purpose.
Please if someone comes to you with that Bumbry Method idea, don’t believe it.
Thank you for your attention,
Dr Grace Bumbry KS


  • Althea T-H says:

    Surely Ms Bumbry should investigate this matter thoroughly; find out whether it is true or not; and get her solicitors to issue cease-and-desist letters to the practitioners, should there be any truth in it?

  • Maria says:

    Any good decent teacher will know that anyone advertising any sort of ‘method’ or odd ‘schools’ of singing is simply on the bandwagon of teaching and its all big business and overpriced. You only have to look at YouTube and see what’s around from Swedish now to Bumbry, particuarly from America. The trouble is students get taken in by it all, clasp onto straws, folloq the flavpur of the month, and don’t know the difference. Then waste a lot of money or time. Disgraceful that people are now using and advertising Grace Bumbry’s singing and name as a ‘method.’

  • Morgan says:

    Undoubtedly this was to be the replacement for Trump University.

  • Steven says:

    Perhaps it is a misunderstanding owing to a typo, and the method in question is actually known as The Bunbury Method.

    • Armchair Bard says:

      Oh chapeau, Steven!

    • Maria says:

      Exactly! It’s not even her method or the way she sang but using her name in vain to make pots of money and entice gullible students looking for a quick fix and a short cut to a star career, but then end up down a blind alley and broke.

  • Davidson says:

    Let’s hear it for Amazing Grace!

  • Tiredofitall says:

    I’ve never met Miss Brumbry, but I don’t think I’d cross her…

  • Roger Rocco says:

    Here’s the only method that matters. “You only have to think the tune to have it come out perfectly clear.”
    Meredith Willson

  • Dietmar says:

    There are so many unqualified people pretending to be voice teachers, it is sad. Unfortunately, it is difficult to convey that to their students because badmouthing another teacher is also a “method” used by such people and one does not want to engage in that kind of thing…
    Perhaps was it a misunderstanding – it might be called the Bumble Method.