Yuja fans have posted her latest fashions

Yuja fans have posted her latest fashions

Daily Comfort Zone

norman lebrecht

June 28, 2022

This is the sixth Etude of Philip Glass, brilliantly performed in minimal fashion.

Each change of outfit is devotedly uploaded by fans.


  • zeno north says:

    I have no objection to the outfit changes. My objection is to her choice to play piano music by Philip Glass, but of course, different tastes for different listeners.

    NL – did you even WATCH this video? There is no piano-playing in it. Perhaps that’s why you said “in a minimal style”.

    Anyway, a tremendously unedifying and unentertaining post.

    • nc says:

      Do you have your sound turned on?

    • Piano Lover says:

      For once a decent comment that does not criticize the dress,outfit or her.
      Many thanks!
      I confess I did not listen to the vid-not necessary.

      • soavemusica says:

        “For once a decent comment that does not criticize the dress,outfit or her.”

        How about a decent dress, showing respect to the music, and the audience?

        She claims she is artistically nude on stage, but with that excuse: why is she wearing anything? She is not quite nude on stage. Yet.

        • Karin Becker says:

          Miss Wang is not yet completely naked when she performs a recital. But that will come. I am sure she will continue to undress. She needs the thrill when the audience is first surprised and then applauds. Fans then interpret the Chinese woman’s audacity as a form of female freedom and an expression of personality.
          In my opinion, Wang needs a psychiatrist/psychoanalyst.

  • tet says:

    That first outfit, management should require her to bring her own towel to lay on the piano bench.

  • Mock Maher says:

    The audio is awful, but I can attest that her playing of this Glass etude (which I love) is beautifully expressive.

  • anmarie says:

    What a strange, strange person she is.

    • Paul Sekhri says:

      And you say that because you know her so well? I do, and she’s remarkable.

    • Mystic Chord says:

      Yes how strange to have your own personality and self-expression.

      • Maria says:

        To the point of being a total distraction over and above the music. It’s all about her image, and not about being the servant and instrument. of the music. Just a precovative, and expensive clothes horse parade verging on a circus and in bad taste.

      • Karin Becker says:

        And what, please, does Miss Wang express thanks to her personality?
        My suggestion:
        Hi, guys. Look at what a fantastic butt I have.
        Aren’t my legs perfect?
        Let’s hear it for my exciting body!

    • zeno north says:

      So are we all.

  • Save the MET says:

    I know of at least one important composer who will no longer accept commissions to compose for her due to the fashion parade. While it is her trademark, he has a point, as the music and performance should come first, not the other way around.

    • Mystic Chord says:

      That’s hilarious. Anyone who thinks Yuja’s music and performance don’t come first aren’t to be taken seriously.

  • M McGrath says:

    Lemme see. My impression? Playing dress up and agente provocateuse are critical to the music. So she sells her butt in these videos as well as Schumann. Regardless. Suggestion: She should learn HOW to bow: Either politely OR seductively. Definitely not the current cartoonish German schoolboy version in the video.

    Yet I still can’t figure out if she is a living Hello Kitty or a classical music artist? Am I swayed by her dress style? Sure. I’d also definitely attend a lingerie fashion show featuring this pianist.

    But hey, if her bum gets bums on seats and she earns a good living as a result, why not? Domingo and Netrebko create, then milk the crowds. People call that “good for classical music” …

    But give me Mitsuko Uchida any day. Call me an old-fashioned recital attendee.

    • Paul says:

      I didn’t really know much about Yuja Wang till I heard her Proms performance of the Liszt first piano concerto this year. She sounded great on the radio, and I was touched by her second encore – but when I watched the televised version later on iPlayer I admit to finding her outfit distracting.

      But she’s a great player, whatever the pizzazz about her outfits. I think it could get to be a problem for her too if she’s created a reputation for all these costume changes and then wants to put out say a serious disc of Bach pieces.

  • Karin Becker says:

    I like this deliberately “composed” video very much. You can see: The Chinese woman is primarily concerned with showing off her legs. The dress with the highly transparent fabric shows more than it covers. YW could also perform naked, as F. Gulda once did. The video gives the Yuja show something ridiculous, and the fashionista performances of the Chinese woman have been ridiculous for a long time. The lady has no style, no taste, no decency. She is a female narcissist who wants to be reflected in the looks of the audience.

  • Karin Becker says:

    In the 19th century, quite a few men who attended ballet performances, for example at the Paris Opera, took their hats with them into the auditorium. While the scantily clad dancers performed, many of the male visitors had their hats in their laps, i.e. over their “fly”. It was no secret that the heterosexual or homosexual men masturbated under the protection of the hat during the ballet performance, stimulated by the male or female dancers.

    In the 21st century, few men wear a hat. Hardly any will masturbate during an opera, ballet or concert performance. Not even during Yuja Wang’s highly sexualised performances. Today, in the media age, people masturbate in intimate solitude in front of a screen. We know this from the social media when
    fans of the Chinese singer hint at or explain their wet dreams. Wang challenges her fans: the only scantily clad pianist flirts, flirts with the audience and puts her naked thighs, buttocks, shame and butt, already sitting wide on many piano stools, at the centre of the auditorium’s attention. Videos ensure Wang’s male fans the constant availability of the sexually stimulating images. Men in the 19th century could only dream of this. Yuja Wang has enriched concert life and male music lovers.

  • SNORRI says:

    The word is, simply, exhibitionism–not performance, not self-expression. It’s the behavior of an odd, albeit extremely talented, person with a bottomless (!) craving for attention. This isnt a “you go girl” thing. It’s weird. She’s very beautiful, but I doubt she believes she is, or else I doubt she’d feel the constant need to put her body on display. Sorry for the armchair psychologizing, but she does invite it, her skin show being so at odds with work she does.