Update: Currentzis Vienna concert goes ahead – with protests

Update: Currentzis Vienna concert goes ahead – with protests


norman lebrecht

April 12, 2022

Last night’s concert by Teodor Currentzis and the Kremlin-funded MusicAeterna went ahead at the Vienna Konzerthaus, but the declared intention to raise funds for victims of the Ukraine war has been abandoned.

‘We are a house of music and not a house of politics,’ declared Konzerthaus director Matthias Naske, a close associate of the controversial conductor.

There were protests outside, but the hall was sold out. Earlier, the Ukrainian ambassador had asked Naske not to designate tonight’s event as a benefit concert. That concert has now been cancelled.

Next stop for the Currentzis caravan is Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie tomorrow.


photo (c) Siavash Talebi 


  • Achim Mentzel says:

    Please get the facts straight. Yesterday night’s concert (April 11) was not a benefit concert, it was just a concert, so was the concert on April 10, which both were sold out and the public cheered for minutes in standing ovations. Only today’s concert (April 12) was declared as a benefit concert, and, as you have mentioned in your post a few days ago, was cancelled.

    • norman lebrecht says:

      thank you…. will adjust.

      • 1714NicJom says:

        Dear NL,
        it would be swell if you could adjust other factual omissions/ mistakes as well…. or not make them in the first place…. this blog, while informative much of the time, is hurt by your insistence on 1) grinding your axe 2) cheap clicks 3) using stories about race and wokeness to get the get-a-lifers up in arms.

  • Insider says:

    Where do these protests actually lead? Does it really help the Ukraine? I doubt it. Instead of sabotaging the concerts, these fellow activists would stop using Russian gas.

    • Achim Mentzel says:

      A handful of protesters against a packed concert hall of concertgoers… Sooner or later we simply have to accept that concerts are also always a service provided by musicians to their audiences. People pay 140 EUR for a ticket and want to listen to two hours of music, experience Currentzis, give him standing ovations and cheer, and tell their friends about it afterwards. How his orchestra is financed, whether by Russians, Chinese or Argentines, by the Pope, Putin or Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, or whether 1000 km away people lose their lives in war, most people simply don’t give a damn, they don’t care. It’s horrible, but that’s how our world has worked since the beginning of civilization and that will never change.

      • corruption spread from RU says:

        Rephrased for you:-
        “People pay 140 EUR for a ticket and want to listen to two hours of”:-

        Badly rehearsed overhyped crap.

    • IP says:

      Well, it wouldn’t hurt to throw a couple of eggs — mind you, musical, not political ones.

  • wiener says:

    Das Konzert ist abgesagt .