Just in: Vienna cancels Kremlin-funded Currentzis concert

Just in: Vienna cancels Kremlin-funded Currentzis concert


norman lebrecht

April 11, 2022

Tomorrow’s Vienna Konzerthaus concert by the Greek conductor Teodor Currentzis and his musicAeterna orchestra has been abruptly cancelled under public and political pressure.

Currentzis and his ensemble are financed by the banned Russian VTB Bank, which is closely linked to president Putin.

The Ukrainian ambassador to Austria asked for the concert to be called off, following public unease at its funding sources. The concert was supposedly raising funds for war victims. The ambassador officially asked the hall to refrain from involving Russian artists in benefit concerts for the benefit of Ukraine.

The cancellation was reported to the Austrian Press Agency. No word from Currentzis.

It is further reported that Currentzis enjoyed a non-transparent friendship with the Konzerthaus director.


  • Gareth Jones says:

    My goodness, what in the world is a ‘non-transparent friendship’?

  • Bulgakov says:

    Matthias Naske has gained friendships with many artists over his long time in the business, I imagine. Most Intendanten do. Nothings to see here, folks.

  • The View from America says:


    I guess people who want to see “more” of Currentzis will need to go here: https://slippedisc.com/2019/02/the-conductor-who-shows-off-his-parts/

    • Achim Mentzel says:

      It seems that you are more obsessed with his “more” than anybody of the commentators here, linking again and again the same post…

  • Wiener says:


  • little blue dot says:

    Which bank is Germany sending billions for gas to? Never mind, let’s stick to the easy targets.

    • corruption spread from RU says:

      Angela saw to it Germany was 100% reliant on Gazprom.

      There are stories afoot in terms of the way she did everything Putin wanted, and Schroeder enacted it, that she was quite possibly an old stasi operative dressed up to look nice.
      The greenies have made it 1000x worse, which if you put under a microscope will be found to have covert funding for decades.
      Eg. getting power from unreliables like wind was given up as a bad job in the middle ages, while the sun only shines at night, yet here we are back in delusion & co ltd making believe – cos Putin says so (no suprise nowhere in Russia will you see those ridiculous endless and ugly wind farms and solar panels…) I wonder why?!

      Cos China and Russia clearly think we are stupid delusional weak and easy to manipulate.

      Putin’s Russia is now a toxic brand.
      Artists that were part of the “star system”, like Netrebko, Gergiev, Spivakov, Matsuyev, Correntzis, all had their mouths in the trough.

      No suprise then, the toxic brand rebranded them as co-actors in criminality just like that prat Rodolgin, who claimed with his billions red handed, claimed to be buying instruments for poor Russian musicians.

      Well, with that money he could have bought the entire output of Stradivari and Guarneri….so he was a robber as well as a liar, cos he could not explain his sudden wealth or fame.
      Correntzis is the same.

      Instead of investing in hospitals, schools and keeping millions out of poverty, all those above with the Russian regime in power, simply stole the cash and stashed it, or paid PR overlords to hype them, and shit on genuine Russian talents who are underpaid and underfunded.

    • Joel says:

      What does that have to do with a concert in Austria? Non sequitur much?

      By the way, do you think that people calling for the cancellation of pro-Putin cultural events are somehow not also calling for the EU to end its reliance on Russian gas? What world are you living in?