Just in: Paris cancels Currentzis

Just in: Paris cancels Currentzis


norman lebrecht

April 20, 2022

The Philharmonie de Paris has posted a cancellation notice for a concert of Rameau concert on May 4 by the Putin bank-funded MusicaAeterna and its conductor Teodor Currentzis.

No reason is given on the website.

An obtuse press statement blames ‘current conditions of logistical constraints and overall uncertainty.’

The equivocal world of the Greek-Russian conductor is shrinking fast and very small.

First Vienna, now Paris. A decision from Salzburg is keenly awaited.


  • Dragon face says:

    Wait, I thought (at least some of) the concerts in Vienna did take place…

  • Ted says:

    Munich concert on May 2 is canceled too.

    Vienna went ahead, I think, last week, and was a sell-out.

    Sony can’t be pleased. They have a Rameau CD to sell.

  • Peter says:

    “Putin bank funded.”

    What does this mean. Is there a bank in Russia called “Putin bank”? Because this is what it reads here.

  • Alviano says:

    Whatever the reason, this is not someone I will miss.

  • No to sarcasm says:

    Just Salzburg left to cancel. And then we will have a peaceful world!! How little is needed to stop the war. Thanks, Norman!

    • Amos says:

      Any and all actions denouncing the war crimes and genocide perpetrated by putin are necessary to restore Ukrainian sovereignty. Perhaps you missed the ceremony in which putin awarded medals to the war criminals who murdered the inhabitants of Bucha and left them in the streets like so much refuse.

    • Austrian sceptic says:

      Sadly I wouldn’t get your hopes up about Salzburg – the Salzburg Festival is one of the main culture-washing operations of Putin, just look at the list of sponsors and the ‘honoured guests’ for the last years. Hinterhauser (no umlaut on my keyboard, sorry) seems to be enthralled not only by the Russian money, but also genuinely seems to see something artistically worthwhile in this ridiculous preening charlatan. I would love to know what…

  • Adilphe Hottler says:

    Good riddance! This no-talent hack is a complete JOKE

  • Federico Figueroa says:

    Nothing to do with music…it’s all pure geopolitics!

  • Alan says:

    Saw them do the Rameau concert in Salzburg last year and it was one of the highlights of my cultural life.

    Putin really is the scum of the earth. Cares little more for his own people as he does for anyone else

  • John Borstlap says:

    ……‘current conditions of logistical constraints and overall uncertainty’.

    A remarkable euphemism for a bloody, barbarian war.

  • David says:

    Honestly, it’s for the best. He’s deeply terrible and the cult of personality around him is frankly gross. Far better conductors out there.

  • Ionut says:

    It may be a polotical decision but it may also be a financial one, as mentioned. To organise travels from Russia nowadays is hell on earth. Long and expensive flight options.

  • protest against Correntzis the corrupt says:


    Now revoke all visas for Music Aeterna Russian musicians.
    This musically illiterate muppet can be removed along with his PR campaign as a lesson for all.

  • ASOPHIA says:

    The language and the attitude on this site (spiteful, fascist) clearly helps people with digestive problems drain themselves here. It’s not ok, but ok for now, because you all still have the chance to fill the void with something beautiful, no matter who mistreated you or left you on your own. Tell your therapist, your neighbor, your girl or your guy to listen to that ‘wrongful’ music together. Find the damn spots that trigger you and talk about them. Then listen to a recording of your preference and just let the ‘righteousness’ speak. Give the other vinyl or cd away, bury it. But you know you’ll be damned, if you remember it just once.

  • MPMcGrath says:

    I heard this group and its conductor perform this Rameau evening in Salzburg last year. Ghastly. Left at the interval. Andre Rieu is preferred. If quality of performance is the reason for this cancellation, fine.

  • Danny More says:

    Currentzis has no dignity! He wants to drink milk from two caws, but people are not blind as he obviously thinks.