Death of a major classical guitarist

Death of a major classical guitarist


norman lebrecht

February 27, 2022

Sharon Isbin informs us of the passing of Carlos Barbosa-Lima, a leading Brazilian classical and jazz guitar virtuoso. He died in hospital of a heart attack, aged 77.

Sharon quotes their mutual friend Antonio Carlos Jobim:
‘What a joy, what a thrill it was, to listen to the recording Carlos sent me from New York. Just when I am so down, so bored, I suddenly find myself singing and dancing, taken over by the pure joy of it. I can feel their very presence in this room … the presence of these great musicians … the presence of this real brujo* of the guitar, Master Carlos Barbosa-Lima, and his more-than-partner (in this pas de deux), a true sorceress Sharon Isbin. Brujo and sorceress angel of good, living among us poor mortals, capable of changing the quality of life on this disturbed little planet.
‘Never before have I heard such a clear, clean, perfect recording, which is at the same time so melodious, harmonious, so alive and rhythmic. It is so beautiful it gives me goose pimples.’


  • Steve Chilstrom says:

    RIP Carlos. We will miss your musical magic. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

  • Patrick says:

    CBL: Your lovely melodies and gentle rhythms have been such a gift. Thanks.

  • We most often only hear about the passing of sports figures, rock stars and politicians…may it be said that Carlos Barbosa – Lima was a bedrock classical Latino guitarist of Olympian status.