Boy, 7, plays Chopin Nocturne

Boy, 7, plays Chopin Nocturne

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norman lebrecht

November 29, 2021

Meet Jonah Ho.

You might hear more of him.


  • Dragonetti says:

    I do wish parents wouldn’t push children publicly like this. The little chap is obviously talented to get round all those notes at that tender age but what does it prove? He may or may not develop into a real talent; only time will tell. Meanwhile I’m not seeing much joy on his face. I wonder ( and worry) about his presumably pressured upbringing.
    Of course he should continue his studies if he wants to but let him learn to play and develop emotionally before pushing him to the fore like this.

  • Pianofortissimo says:

    Frank: ‘Nice. A future winner.’

    Billy: ‘Poor kid…’

  • Piano Lover says:

    No big deal-most great pianists went through this.

  • Modest M. says:

    Yeah, just like it was absolutely terrible when Bernstein introduced Yo-Yo on TV when YY was 7. What abuse.

  • OLightenUp says:

    Oh, please. How can anyone measure “joy” from a video like this? This is an adorable child with obvious talent. Why does this video become the template for anyone else’s nightmare scenarios of pressure or abuse?

  • anon says:

    Been there, done that as a parent, teacher, musician.

    Kid has been reasonably well-schooled. He fails to demonstrate an innate musicality. Timings and expression are clearly drilled, not felt. Understandable – even older and more advanced students have trouble grasping the stylistic underpinnings of Chopin.

    Child should be pleased with technical accomplishment – as should parent. Whether there is more to come remains to be seen.

  • CRMH says:

    I’ve never heard such an unmusical performance. Alas, there is no sign he will ever grown up to be a musician.

  • Oh dear! A seven-year-old… playing the piano!

    Cue the predictable expressions of musical umbrage and concern about parenting from commenters who seem to have no track record of success in either.

    Yes, this is so much worse than what most kids spend endless hours doing… pressing left, right, forward, back and FIRE! on their video game controller.

    • Dragonetti says:

      What a damn cheek Mr Holmén. Although not a pianist I have considerable experience as a teacher of all ages and abilities and feel perfectly qualified to express an opinion. Most pupils were very average, a few were extraordinarily talented and not a few were no-hopers who nevertheless kept going and still gained something from the experience. I also have a reasonably successful performing career and as a final insult to your opinions, I am a parent of three adult offspring. One of them displayed advanced musical ability and was nurtured accordingly, the others played for fun. None was pushed at any time; each was encouraged to achieve the maximum standard possible.
      My comments still apply perfectly well and perhaps you might like to reconsider your sweeping statement.

  • Jerry says:

    True, it was a bit mechanical. But playing something so beautiful will, itself, I suppose, contribute eventually to more sophistication in matters of his heart. Memorizing and reciting poetry aloud will have the same kind of effect on a person. So play on little fella, it’s good for the soul.

  • Dan says:

    Looking forward to see some junior organist performances, too. After all, that’s what a lot of pianists become if not teachers or performers.

  • Danbo de Piano says:

    I ate Elmer’s glue when I was 7.

  • Irene says:

    This cute child should be promoted in clean technique! The pedal is often constantly pressed, so that the passages sound unclean. The boy is certainly very talented, but if he doesn’t have enough technique, he won’t be able to get any further in the future. Breaking bad habits is then more difficult than learning theses properly at this young age! He needs good teachers! Good luck !