Dutch to musicians: No jab, no fly

Dutch to musicians: No jab, no fly


norman lebrecht

September 30, 2021

The Concertgebouw Orchestra has told its musicians that only those who are vaccinated or who have a recent Covid recovery certificate will be allowed to join the tour to Iceland.

This advice will apply for all trips for the remainder of the season.

It is estimated that at least a dozen of the 116 musicians have failed so far to be vaccinated.


  • Good for the Dutch government to allow Covid recovery as an alternative to certify that antibodies are in place for the poor folks who got Covid. Hope their tour goes great and everyone stays well.

  • Oops, glad that the Concertgebouw came to this decision –

  • fflambeau says:

    It’s about time. Get tough on the anti-vaccers.

    • May says:

      Get ready for the long haul. We’re a lot tougher than your lot. If we’re not afraid of the virus, we’re certainly not going to be swayed by silly posts.

      • Maybe you shouldn’t be afraid. But what about the ones that are, for medical reasons, doomed if people like you give it to them? Like me, with no antibodies in spite of double vax? So now that the Swedish Government in spite of colder weather, growing rates of infections and deaths has abolished restrictions, I have – AGAIN – sent the staff home and am isolated at the company? Why? Because I am *deadly* afraid of meeting someone like you.

        • And, pray, why the thumbs-downs?
          Do you believe I like to live alone in an office?
          These are hopeless times and, as far as I (AND the medical community) understand, it is people like the anti-vaxxers who pose a risk not only to themselves, but to others, like me, as well. It is really odd that the costs for the respect for the integrity of the people who don’t want to vaccinate, are borne by others than themselves.

          • May says:

            Robert, please do not refer to people who refuse the Covid vaccine as “anti-vaxxers.”

            Please refer to us as healthy persons who have weighed the risks and do not care to introduce unnecessary substances into our bodies. Yes, we could debate this for hours, however ultimately, this is a forum for classical music lovers. I do however comment on any topic which involves discrimination against healthy concert-goers who are denied access to venues, as is the case here in Hamburg.

            These are not hopeless times, although they are extremely distressing at times. If you stop viewing non-vaccinated persons as “a risk to yourself,” perhaps these times will seem less hopeless.

            You sound like a concerned and generous employer. I hope that your business is still able to prosper during these times.

          • No man is an island says:

            You have decided? Those who have immune issues cannot decide. I’m fed up with people being egotistic. With people saying “only the vulnerably or fragile will die” (meaning, of course, body fragile, which is what nowadays counts, of course). Where is “No man is an island” feeling? Where has solidarity gone? Our grandparents were much better than this-some of them were not personally threatened by fascism but fought against it and gave their lives.

          • Peter says:

            von Bahr,

            the vaccine doesn’t work for you, but you trust blindly that it will work for others?

          • Frank says:

            Hang in there, Robert! Wishing you all best.

      • Anonymous says:

        And the virus, for its part, is not afraid of you at all. We might believe in your toughness, however foolish it may be, if you pledged to renounce all medical care and recover or die in total isolation. Instead, you will receive medical care, regardless of the cost and regardless of the risk and toll you impose on those caring for you and those surrounding you so that you will most likely recover.

        • fflambeau says:

          This is a good post. I’ve often wondered why governments are so eager to extend needed and costly medical care to people who didn’t want it in a timely fashion. Let them suffer the consequences of their stupidity. How many times have we seen anti-vaxers take up expensive and needed medical facilities, use ventilators and the like, and then proclaim it was all nothing much and the virus will just disappear? The Catholic Church hierarchy is high on this list. Let them suffer.

      • john Kelly says:

        Hopefully one day you will develop a sense of Citizenship. Personally I am no fan of stop lights as they are a great restriction on my personal freedom, but I obey them in the interest of the general welfare…………..

      • Patrick Gillot says:

        You do whatever you want if you like a stay in the hospital but please stay away , don’t infect other people and don’t cost us too much in social security. The best would be you stay home with your non scientifically based belief!

  • Alexander Graham Cracker says:

    The vaccinated, as far as I can tell, can still contract and spread the virus. They also aren’t subjected to regular testing, so their status is generally unknown. Why, therefore, do they get a pass? Wouldn’t requiring a recently passed test make more sense?

    • Maria says:

      All things being equal, the vaccination in the UK was a safeguard to keep people out of intensive care and possibly avoid death, and not overwhelm the health service. So if you travel and end up in another country’s hospital unvaccinated out of protest against vaccinations, rather than inadvertently for good medical reasons, better have good insurance.

    • Bulgakov says:

      If the fully vaccinated do contract the virus, more than likely it will be from unvaccinated carriers. And the fewer people that are vaccinated, the longer the virus has to spread and mutate into new variants. So get vaccinated, folks, if you haven’t already.

  • fflambeau says:

    Dear “Tough Guy/Girl/Girly Boy May”: we heard tough words coming out of the mouth of the crazed, oranged haired loser too. But when he got sick (apparently very sick with the virus) he hightailed it for expensive, and free medical care that he wants no one else to have and got it as a free perk at Walter Reed hospital. Doctors at this free medical care hospital for politicians also gave him priceless drugs not available to the general public. Not that this was all made public; it was hush hush. He’s a “tough guy” only to himself. He’s really a whiner and a loser. He once (once) told his followers to get vaccinated (THEY BOOED HIM). This is not being tough, it’s being stupid and he and you endanger others. If you want to kill yourself off, do so but leave others out of your death wishes. In the meantime, you don’t get to mix with others. Think of it as being put in a padded cell.

  • Patrick Gillot says:

    Durch to everybody not only musicians. Why should musician being treated differently from other people when it comes to a virus?