Just in: Three conductors cancel BBC Proms

Just in: Three conductors cancel BBC Proms


norman lebrecht

July 28, 2021

The BBC has notified us that Omer Meir Wellber, Joana Carneiro and Sir Andrew Davis has pulled out of the Proms.

The first two are having ‘scheduling issues arising from the pandemic’.

Sir Andrew is in mourning for his wife.

Ben Gernon will replace Wellber. Martin Brabbins stands in for the other two. Wellber’s absence means that a premiere by the Israeli composer Ella Milch-Sherriff has been dropped.

Also out of the Proms is the Paris Notre Dame organist Olivier Latry.


  • Yep says:

    No big loss with Latry, expressionless automaton dressed like a garçon

  • Ken says:

    Get your shots, folks !

  • Conductors are like buses in London…..one comes along every few minutes.

  • Miko says:

    Oliver Dowden says:
    “No social distancing for a capacity audience.”
    The ‘Proms team” obeys.
    Never mind conductors pulling out:
    I think there’ll be trouble.

  • RobK says:

    The Proms without Sir Andrew is almost unimaginable – very sad about his wife: having just lost composer friend Anthony Payne (whose beautiful ‘Spring’s Shining Wake’ he was scheduled to conduct), himself recently bereaved (the irreplaceable Jane Manning).

  • Corno di Caccia says:

    No surprise on hearing of more performers’ cancellations from this year’s Proms under the current circumstances. Sad to hear of the death of Sir Andrew Davis’s wife, though. Thoughts must go to him and his family at this time. As for Yep’s comments regarding Olivier Latry, I wonder which top line european Cathedral Organ bench Mr. Yep sits on and how his recorded repertoire is selling worldwide?

    • grace says:

      Typical organist comment, there is no requirement to work in a musical profession in order to express an opinion, if so we would have no discourse at all; and no one’s recordings are selling, so that is hardly a significant metric

  • Una says:

    Poor Andrew Davis… So synonimous for years with the Proms, and his Englishness at the Last Night’s too.