Seen the classical Pepsi ad?

Seen the classical Pepsi ad?


norman lebrecht

July 28, 2021

New York classical PR and festival entrepreneur Andrew Ousley has got Pepsi to dig his Catacombs season.


It’s a fun-erary thing.


  • I’ve finally made the big time…

    • norman lebrecht says:

      Slippedisc is waiting to hear from Coca-cola.

      • Coke beats Pepsi says:

        Coca-Cola probably got someone a little less self-important whose concerts’ main selling point isn’t a painfully awkward whiskey tasting nobody seems to enjoy

        • Couperin says:

          Don’t poke Coke. They’re a ruthless juggernaut. I can see them endorsing Yuja and Sheku now. How about a “Coke is for the World!” campaign, showing us intermissions and after-parties from around the world at the most beautiful concert halls and opera houses, where patrons grab a nice little glass bottle of Coca-cola for a mixed drink or refreshment. Images of festival students enjoying a Coke next to a gorgeous Swiss lake..seriously I don’t think I ever saw little bottles of Pepsi around Europe at cafes or bars. As a final goof, they can jump cut to “Our competitor…” where 12 people sit in a dull dark dank tomb listening to a string trio, with empty plastic bottles of Pepsi piled up in a recycling bin next to an overflowing rubbish can.

        • In our defense, I think most people come for the actual music – with artists like the NY Phil, Lawrence Brownlee, Harry Bicket, Alexandre Tharaud, Conrad Tao, Matt Haimovitz – the more seasoned classical/opera concertgoers who attend our shows have told me they appreciate the quality.

          As for the much-maligned whiskey tasting (which I, for one at least, enjoy!), that serves two purposes: 1) since we travel as a group from the reception to the performance space and thus can’t do late seating, it provides a time buffer to arrive late and still not miss the show, and 2) since half of our audiences at any given show have never been to a classical concert, it provides an icebreaker for them to relax, mingle with fellow concertgoers, engage other aesthetic senses, etc, and thus remove some of the intimidation and unwelcomeness that people sometimes feel in a more traditional concert experience.

          As for calling me “self-important”… clearly you don’t know me…


        • Robert Roy says:

          ‘A whisky tasting that no one enjoys?!’

          No such thing!

    • Jeffrey Biegel says:

      Great fun!

  • Larry says:

    Bravo to Mr. Ousley!

  • Alexander says:

    Hum… not sure… sounds like a fake news 😉 just my opinion, of course 😉

  • E says:

    Nice! Didn’t even realize it was an ad, and yes, always loved Pepsi! Glad to learn “it’s New York thing.”

  • Eric says:

    Please no more curators of experiences.

  • Doug says:

    Mausoleum: the interment space or burial chamber of a deceased person or people. A mausoleum without the person’s remains is called a cenotaph.

    Classical music is dead? Well, it is now.

  • Anthony Princiotti says:

    This sort of ironic self-loathing is uncomfortably close to the real thing.