Slippedisc daily comfort zone (50): Too fast?

Slippedisc daily comfort zone (50): Too fast?

Daily Comfort Zone

norman lebrecht

June 05, 2021

Jean Philippe Rameau’s greatest hit


Try this instea.



  • Jimbo says:

    I may be biased as this piece is an all time favourite.. but I think the piece can cope admirably with either tempo! I’ve heard slower!!!
    The world has capacity for multiple interpretations.

  • John Salter says:

    I think I’d prefer somewhere between the two…

  • RB says:

    Try Minkowski’s une symphonie imaginaire, also with les musiciens du louvre, the best album of Rameau.

  • John Borstlap says:

    The 1st video shows a considerably better performance than the 2nd. Very nice music, only the percussion is a bit too loud in both performances, instead of supporting the music it is rather intruding.

    But: is ‘Les Indes Galantes’ not too racist and too white suprematist? With the depiction of ‘Les Sauvages’?

  • almaviva says:

    To me, the best rendition of this is Christie’s with Les Arts Florissants:

  • Gary Freer says:

    Those fortunate enough to be brought up in Nottingham will tell you that Rameau’s greatest hit was in fact the gigue en rondeau in E minor from the pieces de clavecin – the music accompanying the hourly chimes on the Emett Water Clock in the Vic Centre.

    Fabulous composer.

  • The famous lore is that this was inspired by an exhibition of native dances Rameau witnessed, by a delegation from French territories in North America.

    It’s a pity we don’t know more about what that music was other than this distant cousin to it.

  • M2N2K says:

    The faster version is the better one.

  • Patrick Gillot says:

    Minkovsky has the right tempo. I almost danced listening to it. The Italian band is a bit boring…