Domingo, as if nothing happened

Domingo, as if nothing happened


norman lebrecht

April 23, 2021

IMG Artists have staged a ‘glittering’ gala for him at the Bolshoi in Moscow.

The sponsor was Rolex.

Just like the good old days.

The reporter on Euronews is singularly egregious.




  • Karl says:

    Something happened?

  • SMH says:

    According to Patricia Wulf nothing was what in fact happened:

    And at any point, did he ever inappropriately touch you?

    “No, no.”

    And did you suffer any professional consequences by rebuffing him over and over again?

    “No, I didn’t. I didn’t suffer anything careerwise. In fact, it was interesting: He and the company kept hiring me. And that was great — I sang in [The Magic] Flute, I sang in Fedora, I sang in Don Carlo…..”

    I understand he cannot head the LA Opera anymore due to these accusations and the nature of arts funding in the USA, but honestly……

  • Marina says:

    I was attended this Gala concert and another one in October, 2020. Tickets were sold out in several minutes. Many key Russian politicians and top managers were attended the events as well.
    The programm was very interesting, and the cast was great! I hope we will have another Domingo Gala in Bolshoi this year.

    Russian love opera and respect great artists. Of course we don’t believe false statements of 3 metoo liars.

    • Tom Phillips says:

      You also think Putin Is a great guy and that Ukraine belongs to Russia and (in prior decades) that Stalin was a great national patriot. Yes we have so much to learn from Russians whose judgement has proven so impeccable over the centuries.

      • Hayne says:

        Ukraine seceded peacefully from Russia. Crimea seceded from Ukraine peacfully. What’s your problem with that? Stalin was horrible but I can think of others in Western Europe who were also horrible. I would keep quiet on things you’re not familiar with.

        • Tom Phillips says:

          Stalin was the greatest mass murderer of modern times with a death toll even exceeding Hitler’s. No one else in Western Europe comes anywhere close. It is clear that it is YOU who is “not familiar with” the history of the modern world. Getting back to my earlier point, the fact remains that ever since the early twentieth century – and continuing ever since – Russia has been singularly responsible for some of the worst political despotisms and terror in human history and as we speak continues to employ incredible anti-democratic surveillance etc. throughout the West and elsewhere. So it is incredibly tiresome to hear so many of its acolytes whether in the mother country or abroad (e.g. Mr. and Mrs. Netrebko as well as commentators on this and other blogs) speak from such a position of supposed intellectual, cultural and moral authority about how human life and behavior should be organized and rationalized. Their judgement is historically EXTREMELY suspect

          • Francesca says:

            What does Stalin have to do with the concert?

          • Hayne says:

            Mao murdered more if you’re going to play the numbers game. “Russia has been singularly responsible for some of the worst political despotisms and terror in human history…” You mean the Soviet Union, I take it.
            So what was the governing principle for the murderous regimes like Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, etc. during the 20th century? You can figure it out and it’s not “Russians.”
            Their “anti-democratic” surveillance? Oh my God! With all the spying and collection of ALL communication of individuals (in most of the West) by OUR OWN GOVERNMENTS you are focused on Russia? You sound like a leftist who has trouble with proportionality in your thinking. BTW, I don’t care what the Netrebkos’ think.

      • Marina says:

        Do you think Hitler is a great guy? Or Mussolini? Or Franco in Spain?

        What is your problem?

        Yes, Russian don’t care American leftists liars. We love music and opera. Russia is a country of great composers, singers and conductors, in case you don’t know about that.

        • Tom Phillips says:

          I hate all those people unlike your love for Putin (and no doubt Trump) as well as the anti-semitism and oppressive homophobia and racist nationalism that is so much a part of your country’s history and cultural makeup. Russia is a country whose judgements in all areas outside of literature and the arts should be immediately discredited and ignored.

  • Gustavo says:

    Like in ancient Rome.

  • dinkrol says:

    Norman, don’t read or watch such reports. You may have an apoplexy due to an overabundance of poison in your organism.

  • Francesca says:

    Ok… if you prefer english, not italian…
    And what? What’s a problem for you?

  • Anna Yu says:

    Dear Norman, don’t be ridiculous. The whole scandal was a big soap bubble initially. Domingo is a great singer, a great artist, a wonderful man, a true gentleman. No amount of intrigue, no amount of dirty gossip will change that. Just calm down and listen to Domingo

  • Anonymous Bosch says:

    Javier Camarena TOUCHES AIDA GARIFULLINA’S ARM! He must be banned immediately!

  • Greg Bottini says:

    “The reporter on Euronews is singularly egregious.”
    She is not. It is Domingo who is egregious.
    The Three Tenors days are gone, old man. Retire.

  • Alexander says:

    what a gorgeous settings and entourage … since he mentioned French idiom I think his next destination should be France too 😉

  • BRUCEB says:

    The only important thing is (and has always been): is he profitable?

    The moment he stops making money for them, they will drop him. Until then, nothing else matters.

  • Thinking aloud says:

    A bit late with your outrage Mr Lebrecht. This concert took place last year as Marina states above. Excerpts are now on YouTube as you have obviously seen.
    Once again having a dig at Domingo.
    The sexual harassment accusations in USA brought an end to Domingo ‘s illustrious career in that country. However the whole issue was not well handled. Opera houses not connected to the problems were quick to jump on the virtue signalling bandwagon. If Domingo‘s “behaviour” was supposedly so well known why were the complaints only from Washington Opera and LA Opera, after all he had sung at all the major opera houses in the USA. Anyone who has looked into the situation will have found a lot of unanswered questions.
    Apparently there have been no complaints about Domingo ‘s behaviour in other countries, even in Spain, where he is currently banned. The Minister of Culture in Spain banned him without any investigation, just based his judgment on newspaper reports, which do not necessarily report facts.
    If Russia is happy for him to perform there, so be it.

  • Save the MET says:

    Regardless of his sex problems, there is a time to retire gracefully; for Domingo that time was more than a decade ago. Listen to the clip, his speaking voice is shot, his singing voice has a major wobble; it is tired and strained. He is long past his prime, not even a shell of his former vocal glory. Truly sad and pathetic, Putin and his tin eared politoburo keep supporting him, making him think he’s got something left. He has always maintained “If I rest, I rot”. Well, that performance was rotten. Domingo should retire already, if he wants to stay active he should teach full time.

    • Madeleine Richardson says:

      Except it is not just the Bolshoi. Domingo sells out everywhere. At the Orange Festival of 2019 in France the Roman arena was packed to capacity. You of course are not obliged to pay for a ticket if you do not wish.
      Others who do wish to can do what they like with their money.

  • says:

    This was Norman Lebrecht’s original comment on the saga. Strangely it evinced much sympathy for Domingo so what happened?

  • Sue Sonata Form says:

    The people will always vote with their feet and their wallets.


    Having spent years at LA OPERA volunteering, I have never observed any improprieties by Placido. It’s a total hatchet job by the Associated Press. I know you pressured them and will reveal it in time. So happy Russia feted him in this wonderful gala.

  • E Rand says: