A new device lets people sing in choirs on Zoom

A new device lets people sing in choirs on Zoom


norman lebrecht

April 25, 2021

From the Guardian:

Zoom, like most other video platforms, experiences a 300-millisecond to one-second lag between computers as information gets sent over the internet. The delay renders directing and singing music simultaneously nearly impossible… A technology called JackTrip eliminates the dreaded delay.

… JackTrip was made more than 10 years ago, but it has found new, widespread use in the era of coronavirus. When nearly a dozen of the Ragazzi choir members plugged into JackTrip, they heard each other sing clearly for the first time in six months.

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  • Jeffrey Biegel says:

    This will help choirs rehearse for performances in the future, and also create virtual choral performances in synch.

  • Vance Koven says:

    Wouldn’t this be equally applicable to instrumental ensembles?

  • I wonder how the Zoom makers feel about all these things that are not Zoom being called “Zoom”.

    And I wonder how the Skype makers feel about “Zoom” having replaced them as the generic term for any online conversation.