Scots plucker switches

Scots plucker switches


norman lebrecht

February 04, 2021

The trendy guitar virtuoso Sean Shibe has crossed London from the Rayfield Allied agency to HarrisonParrott.

He recently signed a record deal with Pentatone.


  • T E says:

    Tries too hard though, doesn’t he? Has nothing on Thibaut Garcia.

  • Florist says:

    Have these agencies and labels never heard of the real top guitarists? Ie. David Russell, Ricardo Gallén, in the younger generation Rafael Aguirre, Lukasz Kuropaczewski, Petrit Ceku, etc?

  • Insegrevious says:

    Yep, Derek Trucks is probably the very best of a whole generation of young kids who spent hours in their bedrooms noodling their guitars in imitation of Clapton, Allman, and Van Halen in preparation for their emergence in the last few years – at least in the rock and roll world.

    • Ellingtonia says:

      Derek Trucks was opening for the Allman Brothers at the age of 13 (see link below) and subsequently played with the group, I don’t think he spent much time “noodling his guitars” as you put it. His technique and feeling for the music sets him a class apart from Clapton and Van Halen, but you would need to understand Blues and Rock music to appreciate this. Suggest you stick to the noodling of the anonymous classical guitarists that seem to come and go these days without making any real impression.

  • Mrs B says:

    Well done to this amazing guitar player and lute player. He got me into this cool music and I love it thank you Sean! Best musician ever xx