Horror: Conductor is savagely beaten on a London street

Horror: Conductor is savagely beaten on a London street


norman lebrecht

February 17, 2021

The Australian-born conductor Jessica Cottis was out walking near her London home when she was set upon by three youths and viciously attacked with a bottle.

Jessica tells Slipped Disc:

‘Out walking in north London, shortly before Christmas, I was randomly approached by a small group of teenagers who quickly and without warning punched my face and smashed what we think was a glass bottle at my forehead. Completely unprovoked.’

The police were called but no arrests have been made.

Jessica continues: ‘I suffered a bad concussion: the three teenagers had broken my nose, and smashed my forehead… I lost the ability to think clearly, my vision suffered, and I developed an inability to stay awake longer than a few hours. It was scary, disorientating. Everything felt the darkest of black-hued blues.

‘A few days later, a little boston terrier girl arrived, delivered by a friendly bear of a man with an overgrown Brahmsian beard. It was freezing cold in the back of the van and she jumped out with such excitement, wiggling straight into our arms! She’s been here ever since, utterly delighting us with her cuddles and constancy…. Aside from a development which means I now also experience scent as colour, I’m thankful to be fully recovered; my brain and I are in tiptop condition again.’



  • Concertgoer says:

    Time to move the capital to York. It’s lost.

  • We privatize your value says:

    What a time to be alive! 🙁

  • Bruno Michel says:

    Since the report does not seem to indicate that theft was even the object of the agression (not that it would have made it acceptable, of course), it appears to have been a totally gratuitous one. Our world is really going down.

  • yujafan says:

    London is getting rather scary – only a few days ago someone was shot with a crossbow, I hear.

  • Patricia says:

    I have a female Boston terrier too. They are affectionate, playful and smart.

  • I’m very shocked to see this ,Jessica. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Bon courage!

    • henry williams says:

      crime is not just in the uk. it is worldwide
      monaco and switzerland is a not so bad. my pension will not be enough to move there

      • John Borstlap says:

        Monaco is a VERY dangerous place. My poor uncle Sebastian went to live there, after a very successful life in real estate in London. On one evening he coincidentally passed the casino, was lured into it by an old French friend who stood smoking at the entrance, and in two hours lost all of his fortune including his young second Russian wife, and is now wandering through the streets of Perpignan as a beggar. We don’t want to have contact with him any longer.


        • henry williams says:

          i was robbed on a train to monaco by a russian pickpocket. the police officer informed me that in monaco they have little
          crime. it is better to be poor nobody can
          rob you. once you have money you have problems

  • E Rand says:

    any info on the perpetrators? Or is that being hidden to prevent people from drawing any insanely obvious conclusions…

  • Mick the Knife says:

    Wish her the best in recovering from this experience!

  • Sue Sonata Form says:

    I hope those assailants are receiving the appropriate mental health care we all know they deserve.

  • Greg Bottini says:

    Get well soon, Jessica! How thoughtful for whoever it was to give you a dog to help you recover!
    – all best wishes, Greg

  • Wise Guy says:

    How utterly savage. What kind of people do something like that?