Death of a Brazilian composer, 72

Death of a Brazilian composer, 72


norman lebrecht

January 15, 2021

We have been notified of the untimely death of Henrique Dawid Korenchendler, an eminent Brazilian composer of six symphonies and a violin concerto. He died of an infection contracted in hospital after undergoing hip surgery.

The son of two Holocaust survivors, he told Professor Tom Moore: ‘My Jewish identity has always had a big influence on my music. I have a double identity, being both Brazilian and Jewish. My Jewish language is reflected in my musical language.’


  • Peter San Diego says:

    So many composers to discover! I wonder how characteristic of Mr Korenchendler the selected piece is; without identification, I could easily have thought it by, say, Jean Francaix.

    Perhaps these variations for piano are more characteristic:

  • JussiB says:

    ‘untimely’ death… as opposed to?