Biz news: US tenor quits IMG

Biz news: US tenor quits IMG


norman lebrecht

January 15, 2021

The accomplished opera tenor Ben Bliss has joined the London agency AskonasHolt.

His website still posts his IMG agent’s email, although IMG have taken him off their site.

AskonasHolt, on the other hand, is still using his old IMG picture.

Isn’t anybody doing the job out there?


  • Jonas says:

    Dear Norman,
    You must be very bored picking up on those things.
    He looks great in that picture, so why not use it?
    For example, you have been using the same headshot in all the publications you write since forever.
    Please find something useful to write about.

    • JussiB says:

      i don’t know Nomran’s ‘orientation’ but can assume, based on long experience, that >50% classical/opera fans are queens who like the hunky muscular type. I’m not one of those.

  • Nijinsky says:

    Oh dear, won’t the IMG artists and sport’s aficionados porno department be out’f luck!

  • Observer says:

    Artists own their publicity shots because they have to pay for them (they rarely come cheap). If pics are recent and the artist’s looks haven’t changed (which is definitely the case here), why should he make new ones when he goes to a different agency, especially in these Covid times when most artists have very little work and limited income to pay for new ones? Posting about Ben Bliss’ career is certainly newsworthy (he is a wonderful artist), but the pace at which he changes pictures is a completely uninteresting topic. I know a writer who is obviously dealing with serious bouts of boredom. (And yet I read him – I know… He’s not the only one who is bored these days obviously.)

    • FYI Back in the day when publicists in NY had something to do and venues in which to publicize their artists, publicists like Edgar Vincent, Herbert Breslin, Maggie Carson and Alix B. Williamson, hard copies of pictures were essential, and the likes of Christian Steiner flourished….there were jobs on newspapers like photo editor, etc. Our office had files full of photos, which we sent out every week. And today, even in the day of digital arts and email, editors hunger and respond to pictures. It takes a real pro to know that, and a bored amateur to make light of that which says a thousand words.

  • Tom says:

    How has this comment not yet been removed?