Karita Mattila becomes a Lion of Finland

The Finnish soprano has been awarded the equivalent of a knighthood.

Not many opera singers get this high.




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  • Richly deserved recognition: she has been a lioness of the stage for a long time. I cherish my 2004 memory of her as a sublime Manon Lescaut in Chicago.

    • I saw Salome on line at the met,and was absolutely floored by her performance ,and even more ,when I heard how old she was.
      verdict: “Never give up.” Agnes Stieda

  • She s also an endearing presence in social media (Twitter). She can get intimate and also relevant in her tweets without losing decency .

  • Very well deserved.

    I’ve gone to the Met Opera for more than 50 years (over 1,200 performances), and four evenings stand out for over-the-top audience enthusiasm – Leontyne Price’s final AIDA, Joan Sutherland’s final LUCIA, (believe it or not) Sarah Walker in GLORIANA, and the most riotous reception, Karita Mattila’s SALOME. People weren’t applauding, they were shouting at the tops of their lungs. The look on Ms. Mattila’s face was elation and just a little frightened. It was simply glorious…and deserved. I’m glad she’s still on the scene.

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