German halls must stay shut to December 20

Angela Merkel has extended the closure order after the country’s highest daily death rate from Covid.

She said: This will continue afterward in January unless we reach the infection target.’

Concert halls, theatres, museums and cinemas must remain closed.


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  • I hope those sinful Germans can muster up the courage to change their behaviour and protect EACH OTHER from this holy plague. After all it is well known that the faithful are immune. Only by accepting collective responsibility can we get our toys back.

    • That’s the truth. Seems there are at least seven Cheeto-toting Trump supporters lurking the comments here who downvoted you.

  • Mrs. M. should be prepared for the cool reception that she will receive if she ever dares to enter another German opera house or concert hall.

    • Another neoliberal, globalist. But the female plumbing helps as identity politics is what mattered to the sheeple. Go frankfort and bielefeld orchestras

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