Bishop of London permits carol singing, outdoors and in

The Bishop of London, Sarah Mullally, has clarified that outdoor singing is permitted in all tiers across England from December 2.

In-church performance will also be permitted, subjct to the number of singers and the distance observed.

Full guidance here.


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    • If you’re a professional singer attending church, you’ll find yourself in a congregation still not not allowed to sing and join in – only outside in the endless British rain and cold!

  • You can have a bunch of amateurs in a choir leading the singing with professionals in a congregation who have nothing to do with leading the singing but they’re not allowed to sing. I’ve been gagged for weeks! LOL! Should be the same for all places of worship not just the CofE, except they wouldn’t be singing many carols – a very British all join in tradition not belonging to just the Christians like myself! I won’t be singing outside and then catch a death of cold in this Tier 3 northern weather!

  • I thought priestesses were the worst thing to befall the Anglican church but female bishopettes? Egads. The horror of it all.

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