A start-up agency for start-up artists

A start-up agency for start-up artists


norman lebrecht

November 01, 2020

The former IMG agent Jayme Burzette started his own company this weekend. It’s called Muse Artists International and it launches with a list of singers, none of whom is yet a headliner.

That’s refreshing.

The roster includes Joshua Blue, Mathilda Edge, Matthew Pearce, Rafael Porto, Liv Redpath, Natalia Santaliz and Yungpen Wang.

At IMG, Jayme previously looked after Frederica von Stade, Susan Graham, Sasha Cooke and Jakub Józef Orliński.

photo: Stephanie Berger


  • James Black says:

    As an agent who has always enjoyed working with emerging as well as established artists, kudos to Muse Artists International. At the moment, so many of the few opportunities are going to the same small core of artists, so with his eases.

  • Miguel Esteban says:

    Nurturing the young talent of the future is fundamental, we cannot solely remain prisoners to the present (although we should certainly appreciate it, whenever the virus lets it return). Congratulations to Jayme! Mazel tov! It takes courage to author initiatives during times like these, we have your back!

  • Maria says:

    Dead easy to start up an agency if you have the money. Not at all easy to find well paid work for your artists unless you’re a star, or willing to perform for nothing, or on line. Work has been scarce long before any pandemic and too many in music colleges coming out to nothing.