To discuss the crisis, first cancel the discussion

To discuss the crisis, first cancel the discussion


norman lebrecht

October 22, 2020

At the Philharmonie de Paris this Saturday:

What meaning should be given to music in situations of humanitarian crisis, conflict or post-conflict, or natural disaster? This day will give a large place to musicians and researchers and will offer both a series of ethnomusicological and anthropological field studies in Europe, Oceania and Africa, and several musical moments. It will show that musical practices can relate to survival, the transmission of memory, or even be vectors of identity claims.  

UPDATE: Due to the health situation, we were forced to cancel this conference.



  • Fernandel says:

    Reminds of Brecht’s “Would it not be simpler to dissolve the people and elect another?”

  • John Borstlap says:

    Quel ironie….!

  • Genius Repairman says:

    Kind of ironic, I guess. But it could have been an interesting conference. There is not a single culture on Earth that does not have some form of musical expression which indicates that music predates modern homo sapiens.

  • William Safford says:

    It shows that they practice what they preach. Kudos.