Exclusive: Two new US agencies rise from Cami ruins

Exclusive: Two new US agencies rise from Cami ruins


norman lebrecht

October 22, 2020

Two websites went live today, both belonging to ex-Cami execs.

The veteran Doug Sheldon, 79, has long threatened to go back into business after his abrupt and unexplained exit from Cami in April 2019. He has relaunched today with old faithful Anne-Sophie Mutter, young hopefuls Claire Huangci and Simone Lamsma and sundry others. This is the Sheldonartists site.


Just one beat behind is Sheldon’s nemesis, the last Cami chief Tim Fox with AMP Worldwide.

Fox has lots more artists, among whom only the conductor Fabio Luisi is top-drawer. He has three associates: Alison Ahart Williams, Alicia Horwitz and Georgina Ryder.



  • Has-been says:

    in one week 2 new agencies emerge and 1, opus 3, announces a major restructuring. All led by exCAMI executives. Reminds me of the UK in 1970s/80s when so many business emerged led by graduates of Ibbs and Tillett. I wish Mr Sheldon and Mr Fox plus all at Opus 3 the best of luck in this difficult environment.

  • Papageno says:

    Who thinks it a good idea to start an artist management agency when most artists are out of jobs?

  • Fernandel says:

    Five years after, Cami remains a fox business.

  • I dare say Stefana Atlas and Valery Gergeiv will add to Doug’s successes.

  • yujafan says:

    So Kathleen Battle and Pepe Romero are now not “top drawer”…. ok, they might not be what they once were, but still have a reasonable reputation as far as I am aware.

    • NotToneDeaf says:

      Battle’s only reputation for years has been as a mentally ill harridan. Before that she was a mentally ill harridan who could sing.

  • Clarifier says:

    Just a clarification…I received the AMP/Fox announcement over two weeks ago and it doesn’t seem like the Sheldon Artists site is actually functioning…? So doesn’t seem like the ‘one beat behind’ comment is fair. But certainly wishing the best to all.