How to announce an opera baby

The Irish-Canadian soprano Wallis Giunta has some news to share (via her NY publicist):


Well, hello…🤰 Alex (Banfield) and I are delighted to share that we’ll be bringing a wee soul into the world in 2021! It’s our blessing during an otherwise very challenging year – one of the main challenges being that we’re currently performing in different countries, and can’t visit each other due to quarantine rules. Otherwise he’d be reclining in this photo with me, of course! We’ll keep you posted on how things are coming along, but meanwhile I’ll be singing for a good while yet. 😉

Photo: Tim Dunk Photography
Jewellery: elassaad
Wardrobe: the pile of sheets in the corner of Tim’s studio 



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  • Oh, how I long for the times when pregnancy was just a happy Family Affair! She is actually not a bad singer.
    is this display really necessary? Best wishes to her and the baby.

  • I am so, so sick of pregnant women shoving their big bare bellies in our faces, as if everyone is as endlessly fascinated with their enlarged anatomies as they are. Happy for your news and all that, but I don’t need to actually see physical proof of it. A verbal announcement will do. It doesn’t look as great as you think it does.

    • I’m so sick of men thinking that anyone wants or needs their comments on women’s bodies.

      This photo is stunning, and I’m glad I saw it. Keep your comments to yourself, Kevin

  • Omg I LOVE THIS!!! It’s so affirming when women lean into how they *physically look* during pregnancy. Especially in a career where people try not to be super public about it. This should be the norm, not the exception!! More pregnant opera poses, please.

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