Berklee’s next chief is a composer

Berklee College of Music in Boston has named Erica Muhl as its first female president.

She follows the 17-year term of Roger Brown.

Muhl, 59, is the daughter of a movie mogul and an opera singer. Herwork has been performed by several US orchestras.


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  • Another less than talented daughter of “important” people that had a career just because of that fact-Is now taking over the reins of a school notorious for just bilking thousands and thousands of dollars out of desperate wannabe musicians…..only to fail, quit, and be left begging for spare change on the sides of Boston’s streets. (I live in Boston, this is all too true.)
    This is no joke. How is this person qualified to help students learn how to grow careers when all she had to do is have daddy call someone for her? I don’t care if she’s a woman or a frog, all that school does is put those poor kids in massive debt and should be shut down.

    • Her father, Edward Muhl (1907-2001) retired in 1973, when she was twelve, and had no influence on her career whatsoever.

  • The name of the school is Berklee, not “Berkelee.” It was named by its founder, Lawrence Berk, for his son Lee Berk, who became its second President in 1979.

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