Leipzig cancels Katharina Wagner

Leipzig cancels Katharina Wagner


norman lebrecht

September 18, 2020

The Bayreuth boss was due to stage Lohenrin in November.

She has been told they’ll make do with an old productuion, shortened for Covid purposes.


  • David H Spence says:

    Better not to do Lohengrin at all than to hack it up, but this project started out by hiring somebody who probably a little more than half the time is a hack herself or erratic herself. Look at how crappy the opening night productions at Bayreuth have been the past five years, including Katharina’s Tristan und Isolde. I do not care if she is the bard’s great granddaughter. I am not anti-modernist. Two of the three Ring productions on my shelf are by Chereau and Harry Kupfer and I own neither one of the two from the Met, the more recent one worse than the earlier one – supposedly traditionalist productions.

  • Erda says:

    Good. Her Tristan at Bayreuth (now finished, thank goodness) was unbelievably bad.