Just in: Berlin adapts Philharmonie to chessboard seating

The Berlin Phil have adjusted their season to the new normal.

In line with the new hygiene concept introduced by the Berlin Senate in September, from 1 November the audience will be seated in a “chessboard pattern” with a maximum of 1000 occupied seats in the main auditorium of the Philharmonie Berlin and 567 seats in the Chamber Music Hall of the Philharmonie Berlin. It will be mandatory to wear a mouth and nose covering during the whole concert. The hygiene rules also stipulate that concerts in the Philharmonie will continue to be played without an interval and last a maximum of 90 minutes.


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  • I would never wear a mask in a concert . They are uncomfortable and it is hard to breathe If one has asthma.
    Also they have an odour

  • This makes me weep copiously. Spent hundreds of miraculous hours there. Not my favorite hall by a long shot, but even so… The pleasure of leaving US and going to a city where they still care and are reverentially quiet and concentrated and the orchestra is scintillating and overtestosteroned….

    • Sweden is not a popular tourist destination as it is woefully expensive, hence its viral load will be lower. However if you look at the excess deaths it has not been good.

    • Did you actually read the article? It says to the audience of 49 as in number, not under 49 as in age. If you think it’s a better business practice to employ entire orchestra to play for 49 people as opposed to several hundreds in chessboard sitting, well, maybe you need to study math a bit.

  • The only time I ever wore a mask, (an original 18th century Venetian) at a concert, was attending a marvellous party at Luggala in 1969.

    The first part, The Chieftains played their second album. The second part was Handel’s Fireworks music, with an amazing firework display which illuminated the Wicklow mountains how they managed to round up 24 oboes, 12 horns, 12 trumpets and 9 kettledrums, (including a Lambeg drum).

    Watch this RTE documentary of the last days at Luggala.


  • This thread has really brought out the terror-spreaders. Have a look at the statistics before talking incessantly about respirators, mass death and the like.

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