Wanted: Haunted houses to film a Britten opera

Grange Park Opera is filming Owen Wingrave, Britten-s made-for-TV 1971 opera, in haunted houses in Surrey and London.


Grange Park Opera CEO Wasfi Kani says: ‘The opera requires a dozen interiors, which are well-nigh impossible to achieve on a theatre stage. However, filmed on location, we can have the Wingraves living in a real house, playing out their poisonous squabbles. In addition to its being an expression of Britten’s own pacifism, he was also reported as saying Owen Wingrave was partly a response to the Vietnam War. We are setting our production in 2001 on the brink of the war with Afghanistan which disgusts Owen, but inflames his spinster
aunt – played by Wagnerian soprano Susan Bullock.’


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  • I think The Grange is one of the spookiest places I’ve ever been to and it’s derelict so it would be quite atmospheric.
    May I also suggest Hardwick Hall. The terrifying shades which haunt that house are the main reason why the late Duke if Devonshire and his wife decided to live at Chatsworth and give Hardwick to the National Trust in lieu of death duties.
    Also the National Trust say they’re dispensing with the ‘mansion experience’ so surely these empty houses will be ideal as film locations.

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