Exclusive: another artists’ agency makes deep cuts

Exclusive: another artists’ agency makes deep cuts


norman lebrecht

September 01, 2020

We hear there have been many layoffs at Intermusica, the London-based international agency that represents Yuja Wng, Lisa Davidsen and other rising talents.


Among those who have gone is the senior agent, Jessica Ford.


We have obtained this statement from Stephen Lumsden, the agency’s founder and director:

‘Responding to the impact of the current pandemic, like many agencies and arts organisations, we have had to take prudent measures and restructure in the face of the seismic effects of COVID-19.  We are deeply saddened to lose a number of our talented and loyal colleagues, including and especially Jessica Ford who has decided to take voluntary redundancy.

‘While most of our cutbacks have been in administration, we have however been able to retain a large number of our creative team across all areas of the business to take us forward. We are completely positive and committed to getting through the crisis and to supporting our world-class artists and partners into a brighter future. ‘


We hear of other cutbacks coming, following this weekend’s collapse of Cami, America’s cornerstone classical agency.


  • jk says:

    The wife of Roger Vignoles!

    • Anon says:

      Someone retires after perhaps 40 years of stellar service to a roster of remarkable artists, but is still only notable as “wife of”. I despair.

  • Ted Waldt says:

    No work on = no income for anyone.

    More failures to come as everything stays closed unnecessarily even though plenty of bloody people are about in big stores shopping, etc all packed in tight aisles as they obediently distance in masks to check out.

    If it weren’t so dire for those who actually WORK for a paycheck instead of living off the government it would be even more funny.

    • Spot ON! says:

      All these people I see cramming the shops (along with most of the COMMENTERS here no doubt) it’s amazing to see big stores move forward without issue but for halls to be open with the same amount of persons is not allowed. RUBBISH!!

      Ah well, let the agents and halls continue to close forever as we see one after another, and another, and another not to mention all the artists going broke.

      Who’s rushing to their side??

  • microview says:

    Re pic: had Ms Wang come to service the boiler?

  • Anon says:

    What a poorly written statement by an absent CEO. Perhaps shouldn’t have pushed his entire marketing department out…

  • Sad to hear it says:

    A sad thing to happen to a thriving, supportive and innovative company, its artists, and to Jessica who is a legend in the industry