Love springs eternal: Pavarotti’s widow remarries

Nicoletta Mantovani, who was Luciano Pavarotti’s second wife, has announced she’s getting remarried next month.

In church, with all the trimmings. He’s called Alberto.

More here.

photo: Ron Howard

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    • It could be the other way around. She already went gold digging marrying Luciano, so would it be surprising if she is marrying another rich guy?

      • She was with him a long time. She has been a widow a long time, and is only 50. Your attitude is very uncharitable, and inhuman. Leaver her alone. Most people would only wish the couple a happy future.

    • So cynical and a nasty snide remark! May the couple be very happy – a greater wealth to have than any money as you leave this world all too soon with nothing.

      • “A pensar male del prossimo si fa peccato, ma spesso ci si indovina.”

        (It is a sin to think ill of one’s neighbour, but the guess often hits the mark.)

        Giulio Andreotti, to whom the dictum was attributed, quoting cardinal-vicar Francesco Marchetti Selvaggiani, who had snatched the phrase from the former Achille Ratti, later pope Pius XI.

  • I applaud this comment ! Joy, happiness, good health, and safety to all of us ! The Maestro would be very happy ! He is singing with the Angels and Heavenly Choirs and will were made their wedding I’m sure !!

  • Pavarotti was my prefer singer but he is no longer among us so let Nicoletta enjoy her youth and Alberto, does he sings too?

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