The hidden Covid plague at Gergiev’s Mariinsky

The hidden Covid plague at Gergiev’s Mariinsky


norman lebrecht

August 14, 2020

It is now reliably reported that two members of the Mariinsky orchestra have fallen sick with the pandemic. The orchestra is on a national tour with Valery Gergiev who says there have been ‘2 or 3 cases’ in the entire company.

Our informant has seen a list of 16 names that tested positive for Covid twice in a row, the second time for confirmation. Four Mariinsky staff are in hospital. A young dancer, Nikolai K., is seriously ill and on a ventilator.

An additional 34 people are on sick leave with fever, some awaiting a second test.

There are more than 50 cases across the company but no-one dares to contradict Gergiev’s denials or disobey his orders.

Aside from immediate danger to life, Covid leaves patients with long-lasting health complications.

UPDATE: The Mariinsky Theater has just postponed this week’s ballet performances of the Stars of the White Nights festival due to ‘Corona precautions’.



  • Pianofortissimo says:

    So many whine that they are not allowed to work, now you see what happens when you work as usual.

    • Alex says:

      This orchestra is not given a choice. You work, or you’re out.

      • Pianofortissimo says:

        Hello Alex,

        Yes, they were probably not given a choice, and now you see what happens. In the performance entertainment business there people are pressing hard to avoid restrictions (in Sweden performance entertainers are demanding the Culture Minister to resign for this reason – there are lots of reasons for her to resign, but the Covid restrictions do not add to them). And these are the consequences: virus spread, disease, and a percentage of deaths.

        By the way: face masks are ineffective – the virus finds its ways around the masks, gets stuck in the skin, and an arguably lower virus load exposition using masks becomes real only if you know how to handle the mask (and you probably don’t know).

        Isolation is the only safe, effective way to avoid contamination. It has unwanted consequences, too.


        Dr “Pff”

    • Occamsrazor says:

      Pianofortissimo, keep eating through the helicopter money until we arrive at Weimar Republic. A question for covidiots, if this plague exists, why aren’t there orange biohazard boxes on every corner for used masks that litter the surface of the planet? Imagine billions of used heroin needles lying everywhere. Also, keep in mind that trying to stop a virus by a mask is akin to hoping to stop moskitos by a picket fence. Also, if you knew even the basics of medicine, you’d know that if you put a swimming champion at the top of his health on a ventilator, he’ll be dead within 2-3 days from drowning in his own mucus.

      • Amos says:

        Did you learn medicine and public health from comic books or a course advertised on the back of a matchbook? Complete and utter bullshit.

        • Occamsrazor says:

          Amos, would you care to elaborate where I’m factually wrong? PS. Liberals love covidiocy, the helicopter money that’s being dropped on them is more than they used to make selling their unique inner worlds. Plus they entertain hopes that they finally will be able to establish a homosexual dictatorship all over the globe. What will happen is that soon Soros, Gates, dr Faustus etc will be arrested, tried for treason and executed. The silent majority isn’t so silent anymore. Before covidiocy we simply avoided even thinking about liberals because the thought isn’t good for digestion but now, when you stuffed the whole world in cages, ruined the economy and promised to vaccinate us against our will like barn animals, there are enough reasons for electric chairs to start sparking again. As for “reliable” info that Mariinsky has covidiocy, it’s the same as KGB poisoning Skripal by a nerve gas in UK after having released him from Russian jail and thrown that used condom out the country. Don’t you suppose it would be easier to have him shanked in Russian jail instead? There such jobs cost a carton of cigarettes and a bottle of vodka. No need to deport him to UK and then send spetsnaz to smear nerve agent on his door knob. Also, there is reliable info that Stalin killed and ate 60million mothers-in-law.

  • sarah says:

    from this, you can gauge that the vaccine they are trying to push through ain’t worth a hill of beans given the closeness of Gergiev with the top politicos

  • Music fan says:

    Not to worry. It will be cured with the magic, untested vaccine developed by Putin’s scientists (e.g., hackers).

  • Greg Bottini says:

    You get a tool and an idiot like Gergiev to run a major company, then you allow him – or force him – to take it on tour at the height of the virus?
    Good job, Putin….

  • Amos says:

    Shocking. How soon before trump invites them to visit every “blue” state in the US?

  • Alex says:

    And they are crammed into trains. How smart is that? Not very. No masks anywhere