Lithuania shuts down its opera as Covid rises

Lithuania shuts down its opera as Covid rises


norman lebrecht

August 09, 2020

Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre has shut down for the rest of August after its director called in sick with Covid-19 and more cases were reported around the country.

The director, Jonas Sakalauskas, admitted it had proved impossible for dancers to rehearse at distance or in masks.


  • John Chunch says:

    All orchestras and opera houses should shut down for good. We have learned that art is no longer safe in the era of dangerous and deadly resperatory illness.

    • Clim Kringletrout says:

      What an asinine comment. You clearly have no idea just how important the arts are for a properly functioning society. I hope you get the psychiatric help you need, God-bless.

      • Buddy Guy says:

        You clearly don’t understand how aerosol works. Singers excrete aerosols at around 46.5mph. Do you realize how quickly all of Lithuania could be shut down? So irresponsible and indecent. Grow up

  • Luis says:

    This not entirely accurate. The article states that only the ballet Giselle, which will take place next week has been postponed to a later date, maybe in September. However, the article does not mention that the opera Anna Bolena, that will take place at the end of August has been cancelled or postponed.

  • Penelope Insect says:

    COVID will spell the end of opera worldwide, this is a fact. Electronic (e-) sports are the future of entertainment.

  • Stephen Birth says:

    Another day, another arts organization one step closer to biting the dust. Thanks for the info, Norm.