Can singing help you recover from Covid?

Message from English National Opera:

We’re excited to announce ENO Breathe today, our partnership with Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust to develop a singing, breathing and well-being programme for COVID-19 recovery patients.

Coronavirus survivors are experiencing a variety of medium and long-term difficulties – including breathlessness, fatigue, cognitive dysfunction and anxiety.

Bringing together medical and musical expertise, the programme will offer tools for self-management, particularly for those patients who are suffering from breathlessness and the high anxiety this produces.

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  • Very clever of the ENO. Choirs & singing groups already exist for patients with COPD & other respiratory diseases. Added to the benefits on mental health, there is evidence to suggest it develops good breathing techniques too. A great way to make the arts relevant to everyone at a difficult time for the industry!

  • Yes, the after-effects of Covid-19 are only beginning to be realized and partly understood. Clearly this kind of virus is a natural-born killer and only western medicine has stopped it from behaving like the Bubonic Plague. But, make no mistake, it’s biological purpose is population control.

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