Can a stage deck increase Covid-era opera audiences?

The idea is to sit more people safley distanced than is presently possible in rows of seats.

From Michigan Opera Theater:

Michigan Opera Theatre (MOT) has acquired a 9,100-square foot deck for the Detroit Opera House. The deck creates a floor that covers the
theater’s main-level seating and includes several configurations to connect with the stage. It allows for increased seating flexibility for the Opera House, providing customizable options to accommodate a variety of performances and events during this time of social distancing. Long-term MOT supporters Floy and Lee Barthel provided the gift to enable MOT to purchase the deck from Levitation Staging.

The deck requires three semi-trailers to transport, eight to 10 hours to load in and 18 stagehands to assemble.


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  • Who even needs concerts? Staying safe from the virus should be enough enjoyment for anyone. Stay. At. Home. Wear. A. Mask. We’re in this together.

    • It is not the distance or the masks, but the ventilation which has to be corona proof. Seating, masks, distance are pointless with an indoor air where micro droplets can linger for hours and against which masks are an insufficient protection, and where distance is irrelevant. If the air is filtered-out with a good system, the main threat is overcome. This micro droplet information has as yet not reached enough hall managements.

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