Pope’s embattled brother dies, 96

Pope’s embattled brother dies, 96


norman lebrecht

July 01, 2020

Father Georg Ratzinger, older brother of Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI and conductor of the Regensburg boys choir, has died at 96.

More than 400 young members of that choir were offered compensation for abuse they had suffered.



  • Paul Dawson says:

    Some years back, the FT remarked that Americans held Her Majesty in high regard, because she was the only surviving Head of State to have worn uniform in WW2. A reader replied that the (then) head of the Vatican State had also worn uniform in WW2.

    • Martin Snell says:

      A completely Inane and inappropriate comment at any time.

      Josef Ratzinger wore the uniform of the Hitler Youth as a teenager because he had to or face persecution .

      • Paul Dawson says:

        My recollection from my Catholic upbringing was that many of the saints to whom we were instructed to pray, became saints because of their choice of persecution rather than serving an evil cause.

  • annnon says:

    I am an Atheist with a capital A, but in my fantasies, I wish that the wrathful vengeful god that Catholics believe in really exist for them!

    • The View from America says:

      Such nice sentiments; thank you for including us.

    • V.Lind says:

      Be careful what you wish for. If He exists for us, He exists for you!And wishing ill on others is a sin — a biggie. Do unto others and all that…

  • Armchair Bard says:

    In a just world – and thereafter – he and his rotten brother would long have been sharing a cell. And I don’t mean one in a monastery.

  • HugoPreuss says:

    Nobody ever accused Georg Ratzinger of sexual misconduct. Nobody as in zero persons. He has admitted that a long time ago there were instances of physically disciplining pupils, but that was during the 1960s, alas, quite common. But I resent the implications, which are not literally, but contextually part of this item.

    • Martin Snell says:

      I agree. The implication is that Georg Ratzinger was complicit in the compensated abuse, which has never been substantiated or proven, otherwise he would have been prosecuted. It is extremely dangerous and inappropriate to conflate Ratzinger’s role as Chorleiter of the Regensburger Domspatzen with the historical abuse.

  • survivor says:


    • V.Lind says:

      What a virtuous life you must lead, to cheer the death of another, whom you never met — probably never heard of before — and who has been accused of nothing.

      From your nom-de-plume I infer that you suffered abuse and, as such, you have my deepest sympathy. But wouldn’t your anger be better directed t those who are actually guilty than those that get trapped in a SD headline?

      • IP says:

        people who have suffered — ruzickova, ancerl come to mind — have always behaved with dignity. the ones without dignity have seen danger while playing computer games, at most.