Germans are giving concerts in swimming pools

Germans are giving concerts in swimming pools


norman lebrecht

July 23, 2020

The town of Ammerbuch, near Tübingen, has emptied an outdoor swimming pool and reconditioned it as a distanced concert venue.

Cellist Jürgen Gerlinger gave the first recital. There are plans for more. Full report here.

photo (c)Christoph Schmidt / dpa


  • Corona Times says:

    They’re giving a concert, distanced, in an empty swimming pool but *famous* singers can gather in rehearsals and on stage like nothing is going on in the world? I’m confused …

  • Byrwec Ellison says:

    Brings back fond memories of Long Beach Opera “staging” Ricky Ian Gordon’s “Orpheus & Euridice” on the water in an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

  • Herbie G says:

    Nothing new about this. By the sound of them, virtually all Russian recordings made during the 50s and 60s were made in gargantuan municipal swimming pools!

  • Dennis says:

    The entire world is stark raving mad.

    Do humanity a favor and just flood the pool.

  • buxtehude says:

    Swimming pools should be for swimming. especially excellent ones like that pictured.

  • VIolinaccordion says:

    I can’t breathe

  • Alan Abrams says:

    An ideal venue for Tchaikovsky’s 3rd —
    The “Poolish” Symphony.