One summer school prospers

One summer school prospers


norman lebrecht

June 29, 2020

We hear from Intelochen that, despite shutting the campus for Covid-19, they have a record international uptake this summer.

More than 1,400 students from 22 countries.

Not bad.



  • DG says:

    “Virtual” Interlochen is going to be a very pale shadow of the actual program (fellow parents whose childrens’ music programs have moved online might agree). They are still charging an arm and a leg for what will probably be a series of Zoom meetings.

    • CA says:

      I hit the wrong button and meant to hit like!!! Yeah, how much value is there really in all this virtual stuff if it just goes on and on ad infinitum? Seriously can’t get that much quality ensemble training this way, it would seem. Can you say yawn, because that’s honestly where I’m now at with all of this.

  • Darius says:

    I tuned in to Interlochen’s live-streamed First Gathering on Sunday and was deeply moved. Unlike most online music programs this summer they have actual experience with virtual instruction from their Arts Academy, which went virtual in the spring due to Covid.

  • KC says:

    I wanted to share comments from the mother of one of my 10-year old music students participating in the Junior Division. “X is really enjoying the programming and enthusiastically wore her Interlochen polo for the “Opening Ceremonies” on Sunday night (even though no one could see her wearing it except for our family).

    She has this “Environmental Explorations” class, where she gets to log observations into a notebook and explore our yard! She is taking that just as seriously as her music programming.

    Thank you again for bringing the camp to our attention. I can tell she is really into it!”

    I have four more in Intermediates who are also having a very good time. We all know that online camp is not ever going to be the same as a summer in the Land of the Stately Pines. For some of these students, going to Michigan from NYC would never have been an option. For others, the full price tuition of room and board puts Interlochen out of reach. For all of them, it’s better than twiddling their thumbs!

    Interlochen has successfully faced disruptions to the normal way of doing things before – changing school calendars, rising costs, the rising popularity of art forms in addition to music, people nervous about sending children away to camp after September 11th. Interlochen’s faculty and staff are working very hard to face this latest challenge with creativity and care.

    I was privileged to attend camp, the Academy, and send my own child to both as well. I hope that these students who are doing Interlochen Online will eventually be able to make it to Michigan for camp!