Netrebko pair will kick-start Austrian festival

Under new post-Covid rules, Grafenegg has reinstated the latter part of its summer festival.

Speranza Scappucci will conduct a gala concert with Anna Netrebko, Yusif Eyvazov and the Wiener Symphoniker on August 30.


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  • It’s so tiring always to be forced of listening to Eyvazov, when I want to hear Anna Netrebko.

    Probably she knows that her husband would be nothing without her but I decided now to resign on her concerts as long as she only sings with this…tenor who isn’t coequal to her voice and to her stagecraft.

    I hope for some opera performances where he doesn’t will insult my eyes and ears and Mrs. Netrebko will sing with other singers.

      • Sorry, you are wrong. I’m definitely the last who worships the “one and only”. Just see my comments at the “I am back”-thread.

        Please be honest, nobody would know Eyvazov without Mrs. Netrebko. He’s not the worse but he definitely isn’t on her level, not from his voice, not from his stagecraft and not from his optic personable.

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