London agency signs two roving conductors

London agency signs two roving conductors


norman lebrecht

June 03, 2020

Only Stage, the London-based agency of Susanna Stefani Caetani, has added two conductors to its list.

John Axelrod has held posts in Spain, Japan, Italy, France, Switzerland and beyond.



Wolfram Christ is the former principal viola of the Berlin Philharmonic, now a sought-after guest conductor.



  • Holgar says:

    Today must be a VERY slow music industry news day for this to make its own entry on this site.

    • John Kelly says:

      Every day is a slow news day for music………..there’s a pandemic on at present in case you weren’t aware……………

    • Martin Carpenter says:

      ==Today must be a VERY slow music industry news day

      No Wolfram Christ is a wonderful viola player. He can probably offer great things as a conductor. Let’s see

      • MezzoLover says:

        “Wolfram Christ is a wonderful viola player. He can probably offer great things as a conductor.”

        Yes and Yes.

        Wolfram Christ has been a conductor since 1995, and his conducting credentials are well established amongst European ensembles.

        I do believe he can offer great things as a conductor, even though I have yet to experience his music-making in that capacity. He had a particularly strong relationship with Claudio Abbado – he was first principal viola of the Berlin Philharmonic during Abbado’s entire Berlin tenure, was a founding member of the Lucerne Festival Orchestra together with Abbado himself and Michael Haefliger, and was principal viola of that famed ad hoc ensemble until Abbado’s death. He greatly admires Abbado’s conducting style and how Abbado uses his body language as a “sound language”:

        “…The gestures of Abbado are unique. He has gestures that no other conductors have. Especially with his left hand. His left hand is an example of freedom, how to create freedom. The only other conductor who had the same freedom in his conducting was Carlos Kleiber…He doesn’t need to speak, I can see it in his face, that we’re too loud, or whatever it is. He doesn’t need to tell me. You can read everything from his hands…”

        I think I will be closely following his conducting career from now on.

  • Gustavo says:

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    • Ilya says:

      Ha….ha….ha…..ha……John Axelrod has never shied away boasting that he is the greatest conductor alive in this planet……

      Conductors, Maestri: go hear John Axelrod preaches the wisdom of him already conducting 160 orchestras around the world……

    • RW2013 says:

      ONLY $250.00 an hour?!
      (ich lach mich tot)

    • Bart says:

      “Star Wars Special Masterclass” with a 10% discount! He stole that marketing ploy from George Szell and Fritz Reiner. /// 20% discount when you purchase a Bärenreiter score! He stole that one from Karajan and Celibidache. This guy can’t be for real. Perhaps all of this is a result of COVID-19, as I heard that it can cause ludicrous behaviour in individulas predisposed to it.