Austria grants freelance artists 1,000 Euros a month

Austria grants freelance artists 1,000 Euros a month


norman lebrecht

May 31, 2020

The new Secretary of State for Cultural Affairs Andrea Mayer  has opened a 90 million euro fund for self-employed artists registered in the social security system. They will be entitled to up to 1,000 Euros per month for a maximum of half a year.

It is expected that 15,000 will apply for relief.




  • MJA says:

    I hope others will follow, but I’m not holding my breath based on track record.

  • Player says:

    Wonderful news for 15,000 (!) self-employed artists. The unknown factor is if they’ll be back on their feet in six months.

    Not the point of the story, but Cafe Schwarzenberg (shown in the photo) is my favorite place to eat in Vienna.

  • Anonymous says:

    How about they pay a tiny fraction to all of the singers that Salzburg is screwing right now? All operas postponed to a future season and if you have a conflict, oh well. They are not doing buyouts despite the fact that force majeure no longer applies since they are in fact performing a festival. No money or recourse for the singers. Other companies are paying at least a tiny percentage. The festival pressured the government, got a festival back, and is still not being fair to the performers. Amazing.